Car Coding

Guide to Easy and Awesome Car Customization

Customize features in your car with coding! You can activate or deactivate functions such as the Start/Stop system. You can also remove the seat belt warning sounds, and even personalize the lighting system.

Ready to customize your car in minutes?

Customize your car's lights, dashboard, and much more! With a small device, called OBD2 scanner, and your phone, you can get full access to your car and code almost everything you want.

1. What is car customization?

Cars come “pre-programmed”, with hundreds of functionalities that are either activated or deactivated by the car manufacturer.

For example, the start/stop system comes activated in lots of vehicles. However, many people find the start/stop system annoying and would rather not have it.

Another example are the Welcome Lights. They are pre-programmed to only behave a certain way, such as blinking two times. However, many car owners would like to customize the Welcome Lights to blink more times.

Luckily, deactivating (or activating) these functionalities is possible, legal and very easy to do! This is called car customization, or also car coding. It is basically the configuration of your car’s software.

With your OBD2 scanner and mobile app you can do it yourself by just tapping one button! In the same easy way that you can change your phone’s background image, you can also change your car’s software settings. Below we explain how to perform your own car customization!

What Can an OBD2 Scanner Do?

Car Coding

Activate or deactivate pre-set functions in your vehicle, such as the automatic Start-Stop system or headlights.

Repair and Maintenance

Get expert information about car maintenance and access repair tips to save money and conduct your own vehicle repairs!

Diagnostics and Live Data

Read OBD2 fault codes, find out your car’s overall health status, and access real-time parameters.

Used Car Check

Buying a used car? Find out if it’s in good shape, avoid any potential scams, and ensure you’re making a fair purchase with a quick check.

All of your car customization questions answered!

Car coding, and the use of OBD2 scanners and apps, is legal and permitted. However, there are certain codings that can violate the law, such as mileage manipulation. Additionally, depending on the country where you drive, you have to stick to traffic and road regulations, for example, leaving brake lights a certain color.

As long as you learn a bit about the legal spectrum of car coding and follow the laws, everything that you code in your car will be completely legal.

Yes! It’s is completely safe to customize your car through car coding. Car coding for beginners can seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry, it’s hard to damage your car.

Car manufacturers perform coding themselves and even offer it as a service. This is because car codings can even help to improve the driving experience!

Mechanics can charge up to $60 for every customization that you want to perform. But often you want to code many things at once and it can get really expensive.
Therefore, the cheapest and most convenient option is to perform car coding with your phone. This is possible with an OBD2 scanner and mobile app which cost around $130. With this equipment, you are ready and can perform as many codings as you want.

1. It is much cheaper to have your own equipment that lets you perform as many codings as you want.
2. You will also have a backup file of all your codings, so you can easily revert them whenever you want.
3. You’ll have full control of your car via your phone, and can customize its systems whenever you want.

Yes! With the Carly app you can have a backup of all the codings performed. You can easily revert them whenever you want and restore the systems to its original state.

An OBD2 scanner is a small pocket-sized device that can be plugged into your car. This device gather’s all of your car’s data. Through an mobile application you can access your car’s data and access your car’s software.

2. What can you customize in your vehicle?​

There are many functions that you can customize in your car to make it more unique. Below are some examples of car customizations that you can perform.

Top 10 Car Customizations

1. Duration of the Welcome Lights

Welcome lights are turned on, when vehicle is unlocked. In order for the welcome light to work, the light switch in the car has to be set to ‘Auto’. In some cases, this option also needs to be enabled in the iDrive. In order to customize which lights should be turned on, please use the following options. (codable in FRM)

2. Add Angel Eyes to the Welcome Lights

3. Display the speed digitally below the speedometer

4. Turn off the interior lights when pressing the lock button on the remote key

5. Deactivate the start/stop system

6. Set the speed at which the vehicle automatically locks all doors.

7. Turn on or off a speed limit warning.

8. Have the car open all windows and sun roof by holding the lock button on the remote key.

9. Customize brake lights so that they turn on or flash when braking hard.

10. Have the car close the trunk or automatically fold the mirrors when pressing the lock button on the remote.

Full List of ALL Customization Options for Your Vehicle

Full List of ALL Customization Options for Your Vehicle Since every car is unique, keep in mind that the customization options can vary based on your car model and brand. Below you can find a complete list of all codings your can perform on your vehicle!

3. How to perform car customization with your phone?

Usually, people take their car to the manufacturer and pay a fee for every car customization they want. However, this is can be expensive and you can easily do it on your own instead.

The best part is that performing car customization is extremely easy and it only takes you a few minutes.

With Carly you can do it all from your phone and also reverse any customizations on your car if you change your mind.

Equipment for doing your own car customization

To start customizing your car, all you need is a small device called OBD2 scanner, and a mobile app! With your own equipment you can do as many car customizations as you want, without paying a fee every time you do it.

1) OBD2 scanner

An OBD2 scanner (also know as an adapter) is a small device that can be connected into your vehicle’s OBD2 port. This device will detect all of your car’s components and data.

2) OBD2 app

With the app, you can access every system and data that was collected by the OBD2 scanner. Additionally, you will also be able to control and customize your car through the mobile app.

4 steps to set up your equipment


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