How Can I Read Out and Delete OBD Codes?

The indicator lights on the dashboard are flashing like crazy again, and you have no idea what’s going on. This indicates that action needs to be taken. However, you may not want, or be able to rush to a workshop to receive professional attention. How do the experts read out and delete OBD codes? How […]

How To Read BMW Fault Codes

An easy and great way to know what is happening with your BMW is to read out the fault codes. This is highly useful when warning lights suddenly appear on your dashboard, or when you just want to know your car’s health status. In the workshop, checking the ECUs costs between $30 to $70 euros. […]

OBD2 Codes – How to Read Out Your Car Easily

Nowadays, cars are nothing more than mobile computers. Your PC certainly doesn’t always run smoothly, and the same applies to your vehicle. Moderns cars have up to 80 control units built-in which regulate all the electronic parts and processes. When your car presents problems, they are stored in the form of OBD2 codes which can […]

How to Clear Fault Codes with Carly

Clearing Fault Codes After you have run diagnostics using your Carly adapter and app, you can then use the app to clear the fault codes in your car. Remember, just because you have cleared them doesn’t mean they are fixed. That’s why we have the option for Carly to remind you to run another health […]

How to Understand the Fault Codes with Carly

So you’ve run a health check/diagnostics on your car and some codes have popped up. But the codes aren’t helpful if you don’t understand what they mean! Luckily, Carly not only shows the codes, but also tells you how severe they could be, and gives you the option to quickly lookup additional information about the […]