What is Car Coding? A Guide for Beginners

Nowadays cars are becoming more modern. High-resolution displays have overtaken analog fittings and software has become the fuel of engine control systems. It’s no wonder why new cars are displayed at computer fairs instead of car shows. However, there is another reason why a car’s software is interesting. Car owners have the possibility to configure […]

OBD port — What is an OBD port and how is it used?

Our cars are becoming increasingly filled with data! Lots of data that can be easily accessed in order to learn more about our cars and therefore have greater control over them. The door to your car’s data is the OBD port. However, to unlock this door you will need a small device that will become […]

Which is the best car diagnostic tool? – Car Experts Compare the TOP 10

There are a lot of car diagnostic and automotive scan tools (as well as other possibilities) on the market to help you make your own car diagnosis. Our team of experts shortlisted 25 devices to discover the best car diagnostic tool. Who wouldn’t like to better be able to understand their vehicle? Especially when there […]

What is an OBD Reader?

If you are looking to get more control over your car and save money on maintenance, you’ve made it to the right place. We’ll introduce you to a small yet powerful tool that every car owner needs: an OBD reader! (aka, OBD2 scanner) With an OBD reader, you will finally know at all times what […]