Get to be a Carly Trainer – member of a worldwide Team of Carly – Connected Car.
You don’t have any obligations or extra costs. You can decide for yourself how much time you invest into the Carly Trainer program.

How it works:
You introduce Carly for BMW, Mercedes or VAG to new customers by posting your individual Carly Trainer voucher in forums, facebook and everywhere else. With your sales-talent and your voucher code you will introduce new customers to Carly. For every new paying customer you will receive a bonus. The same applies to the corresponding app.

What do you need?

  • A pro version of Carly for BMW, Mercedes and/or VAG
  • Your individual Carly Trainer voucher code. You will receive this in the days after you pass the sign up through a welcome mail

You will receive a welcome-mail in the following days after your sign up. This mail will include your personal voucher code.

What makes a Carly Trainer successful?

  • You know Carly for BMW, Mercedes and/or VAG and its functions and advantages for customers
  • You are a part of car communities or know people in that area (esp. online)
  • You see yourself as a long-term partner of Carly

What is in it for you?

  • You receive a bonus for every new paying user of Carly you recommended
  • As a continuously successful Carly Trainer you will receive new apps and adapters from us for demostrational purposes
  • You are in a personal dialogue with the Carly team. You know about projects and new functions before anyone else does
  • We value your feedback. You are able to influence the future development of Carly app-solutions immensely

You can sign up here: