Our everyday life is gradually becoming more digital and adapting to our individual needs. Therefore, this trend can’t be stopped when diagnosing one’s own car – individualizations, diagnostics of the vehicle electronics and much more.

Munich, 16th February 2016. Imagine you could get an overview of your vehicle’s electronics current state easily just by clicking a button. Not possible? It is possible!

Via modern apps it is perfectly possible to get a closer and more understandable look into the vehicle’s electronics, which control and supervise all central features of the vehicle. Whereas the majority of already existing diagnostics apps practices this on a very superficial level, there is a professional solution as well. Carly – Connected Car is the only provider that enables vehicle diagnostics on the same level as the manufacturer workshop. For instance, it is able to diagnose BMW-specific fault codes. This video shows you how easy it is.

Early diagnostics rather than expensive repairs

Early detection of critical faults is possible through easy controling in form of in-depth disgnostics sessions of the car electronics only a fraction of workshop prices. Regarding quality, the diagnostics fault report is equivalent to diagnostics by a professional and includes short descriptions of the faults. Moreover, in the future there will be handling instructions for the fault codes as well as extensive risk evaluations. By having the fault report by hand, the vehicle owner is able to decide whether it is better to consult a workshop or if the fault can be fixed by oneself within a few minutes. The advantages are obvious: when connecting digitally to one’s own car, not only time and money can be saved by skipping appointments at the workshop – but it also gives access to a profound knowledge and a transparent view into one’s own car. The diagnostics function exists for BMW, Mercedes and VW.

  Directly to the BMW app-solution  

Individualization made easy

Besides important functions, which prolong your car’s lifetime, Carly app-solutions also enable possibilities of individualization. Therefore, electronical vehicle settings can be adapted, when required, or small disturbing annoyances that show whenever you use the car can be eliminated. The constantly necessary deactivation of the start-stop-automatic feature is bothering? No problem: By pressing merely one button the car can remember the setting and the start-stop-automatic feature will no longer need to be deactivated. Carly – Connected Car offers hundreds of coding possibilities, according to which the vehicle can be adjusted to one’s own needs. Thereby, it is the only app-solution in the world that makes this possible for consumers. The individualizations exist for BMW and VW.


Innovative, mobile solutions

The app-solution Carly for BMW is available as a lite version for checking the vehicle’s compatibility. Moreover, one extensive fault report is included. When using the pro version, the Carly diagnostics function as well as several other possibilities can be used unlimitedly for any desired compatible models. Regular software updates with extensions and access to Carly’s expert team are included as well. Here you can read more about the features of the app-solution of Carly for BMW.

Regardless of whether it is diagnostics on the level of the manufacturer’s workshop or individualizations of the board computer via coding – Carly – Connected Car apps are the only app-solutions, which offer such a depth, quality and understanding.