Scan your car and access its hidden world

Carly gives you the power to run diagnostics, customize your vehicle, perform necessary maintenance

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Carly is the specialist for connected car solutions

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Upgrade your toolbox with Carly

Understand what is wrong, before talking to the mechanic.

Understand the exact problem behind the warning lights.

A car is one of the most important investments a person can make, yet so many of us need to rely on a mechanic in order to keep our car running smoothly. Carly makes it possible to understand your vehicle, access important car data, run diagnostics, and perform simple maintenance — no mechanic necessary.

Check what Carly does for your car brand

Check & clear error codes.

Read all the codes, even those that some scans tools don't.

"Versatile as a Swiss Army knife and certainly a meaningful digital addition to your toolbox."

"Carly can access electronics without having to visit a garage"

Car health checks, feature individualisation, DIY service & more

Carly is a smart solution that allows car owners and enthusiasts to access advanced car data — all with just your smartphone and an adapter. 

Learn what Carly can do for your vehicle

Check which functions are supported for your brand. Remember, since every car is unique, Carly functions vary by car model, year, hardware and software.

How to get started

Every car is different. Check which functions might work for your car brand and model.


Make sure your car is supported

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Advanced Carly features need a cutting-edge device to support it. Get it with 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Download the Lite version of the Carly App, free of charge. 


Pair the app with the adapter

Once your adapter arrives, connect it to your car and pair it with the app. Only then it is possible to see what works for your individual vehicle. 

If you like it get the full Carly yearly license to unlock the full experience.

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The average Carly User saves $ 500 a year

On average, the 1st diagnostic session detects 2 errors

8% of used cars checked with the Carly App had been manipulated

Turn your smartphone into a powerful yet affordable technical assistant

Enabled by the New Generation Carly Adapter

Works for iOS & Android, with all supported car brands

Designed to support advanced features the Carly solution offers

Lifetime warranty 

30-day money-back guarantee

Detect problems early & prevent costly damages. 

Unlock additional cutomization possibilities.

Analyze the used car status and avoid a bad buy.

Be independent of the workshop with performing DIY service. 

Use Carly regularly

Keep your car healthy & connected

Perform health checks

Identify faults before they get costly

Customize your car

Individualize comfort features

Check a used car

Uncover vehicle data

Read out real-time data

Monitor live parameters

DIY Service

Delete error codes and more

Standout advantages

... and more!

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How you benefit with Carly

Carly connected 
> 5.000.000
 times worldwide 

Gone are the days of needing to take your car to a mechanic just to figure out what’s going on. Carly gives you all the information you need to get the most out of your vehicle at your fingertips.

— all while saving time and money

Supported brands

Since every car is unique, Carly functions vary by car brand, model, and year.