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Understand errors behind the engine light, delete error codes, expose odometer frauds, customize your car and more. 

Carly is the specialist for connected car solutions

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Is the adapter limited to a certain number of vehicles?

In contrast to similar systems, Carly is not limited to a certain number of vehicles, allowing you to analyze, personalize and maintain as many cars as you want to using Carly.
How do I know what features will work for my car?

You can check the available Carly features for your car model. Check for Toyota&Lexus models here. 

To see which functions are supported by your car’s software, first connect the adapter and the free Carly Lite app.

We offer you a 30-day test period for the Carly adapter during which you can test and in addition, you receive one free car diagnosis and one free used car check. You can send the adapter back to us within the given period in the case that you are not satisfied. Please contact us if you want to do so.

What is the difference between the Carly app Lite and Full version?

You can test all feature available for your car using the free lite version. In addition, you will get one free diagnosis and one free car check. The full version allows you full and unlimited access to all features available for your car.

Does the price of the adapter include the full version of the app?

No, the adapter purchase does not include the app full version.

Can I break my car through coding with Carly?

Carly for Toyota makes a backup every time you code, which you can quickly reload to your car if you want. Also, Carly is the only coding solution for Toyota and Lexus worldwide that has a proactive ECU check installed. We check before encoding whether your controller has a "clean" firmware. In rare cases, there are controllers with firmware that could potentially cause problems after a coding process. In these cases, we report in the app that the control unit must not be coded directly. Only with a unique code from us you can do it at your own risk. We do not recommend this. More information about this particular topic can be found here. So you are always on the safe side. 

Does my car warranty expire after using Carly?

The app does only enable you to use "safe" features. More than 10m people worldwide use our app, and we have never been informed of any impacts on a car's warranty.

What should you do if you need help?

We have a group of experts that can help you with any problem. There is no technical barrier that we do not dare to overcome. We guarantee that we can handle all solvable cases - we offer you world-class customer service!


Check the powerful features for your Lexus

Understand errors behind the engine light, delete error codes, expose odometer frauds, customize your car and more. 

Keep in mind, all cars are unique. The functions vary by model, year of manufacture and the hardware and software in the car. 

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Do you need support? Find answers to your questions here


Read data from your car



Used Car Check

Digital Garage

Individualize functions in your car




Perform maintenance work of your car yourself


Understand errors behind the engine light, delete error codes, expose odometer frauds, customize your car and more. 

"It is thus also possible for amateurs to use a smartphone to examine the entire electronics of a car."

Scan your Lexus & unlock its hidden features

Discover the most powerful solution for your Lexus

Know your car’s health & save money

The feature, our customers love most. An indispensable tool for every car owner, especially with older cars out of warranty.

Analyse the car before buying

Mileage manipulation can add up to $4,000 to the price of an average family car and it can also hide serious mechanical problems. 

Negotiate a better deal, detect fraud, see past driving behaviour, or check if there was a crash - everything without a mechanic by your side! 

Perform simple service yourself

Be independent of the workshop, perform simple DIY maintenance and service yourself.

Check and delete error codes, reset service intervals and more!

Code your car to fit your needs

Unlock more safety or comfort possibilities and stop annoying behavior.

It’s easy, safe and fun. All settings get saved in the back-up.

Interested which codings are supported for your car model?

Run In-Depth Diagnostics


Check a used car

Perform DIY Service

Get the New Generation 

Carly Universal Adapter

Turn your vehicle into a connected car

It may be small in size, but it's powerful in performance. Enables fast and secure connection, works with iOS and Android, and most importantly supports all advanced and newly updated Carly functionalities.

In-depth diagnosis with manufacturer standard gives you access to all control units (i.e. Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Multimedia) and reads codes which some other tools don’t.

Connect with the Next Gen Adapter

Check your vehicle

In-depth diagnostics with manufacturer standard gives you access to all control units and reads codes which some other tools don’t.

Learn more

Mechanics recommend running diagnostic sessions more than once a year to catch potential problems early, but each session can easily cost you over $60. 

With Carly you can do it as often you like. The most loved feature and an indispensable tool for any car owner, especially with older cars out of warranty. 

Each in-depth, manufacturer-standard diagnosis gives you insight to all control units and reads all error codes and their descriptions.

Get your adapter

Get the most out of your Lexus & start saving money

Test the 

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Carly adapter

It includes:

Functionalities check

1 x Error report 

1 x Used car check

30-day money-back guarantee for the adapter

Enjoy benefits of the

 FULL experience

The FULL App Version



to all features and updates 

supported by your car

US $


/ month

US $


/ adapter

one-time purchase, *in Europe

*billed annually

New Gen Universal Adapter 

is covered with a

lifetime warranty

Try Carly App for free and explore all the tools and services it enables you to get the most out of your car. 

Start with your adapterStart with your adapter

Premium Customer Support

30-day money-back guarantee for the adapter

Lifetime Warranty

Secure & Legal

Here's what Carly users have to say:

"The money I’ve saved from doing diagnostics alone has already made Carly worth every penny. I’d recommend it to any car owner! " 


"The Carly app is easy to use and super useful! I keep the Carly Adapter in my cup holder all the time." 


"Five stars!!! It totally saved my engine!!" 


Carly has connected users with their cars 5 million times all over the world


Download the Lite version of the Carly App, free of charge, and test. 

Download die Carly App


Every car is different. Check which functions are available for your car model.

Make sure your car is supported

Supported codings for your car modelWhich models are supported

Get started

Turn your smartphone into a powerful yet affordable technical assistant


Order the Universal Carly Adapter

Order your adapter now

Advanced Carly features need a cutting-edge device to support it. Get it with 30 day money-back guarantee.


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Once your adapter arrives in the mail, connect it to your car and see what's possible with your individual vehicle. 

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