"Mit der Carly App taucht man in den Kosmos des eigenen Automobiles ein."

"Damit ist es auch für Laien möglich, über Smartphone oder Tablet die komplette Elektronik eines Autos zu durchleuchten."

"Dieser OBD2-Adapter erspart Ihnen teure Werkstattbesuche."

What else can Carly do?

Used Car Check

All control units are read out and compared to check whether someone tampered with the speedometer.

In-Depth Diagnosis

All control units are analyzed, and the error codes are read out. The analysis corresponds to the manufacturer 's quality.

Lite vs. Full Version

You can try out the different features, and test the compatibility of the Carly app with your car model using the Lite Version.

A single car diagnosis at the workshop costs anywhere between 60$ and 100$.  Purchasing the Full Version of the Carly app will perpetually save you these and other costs at the push of a button.



US $


With the Lite Version you can test the compatibility of  each function for free and find out if it will work for your car model, before purchasing the Full Version.

We strongly recommend using our adapters. The entire software of the apps is customized  to the original Carly adapters. If you are dissatisfied with the Lite Version, you can send the adapter back ;). 

In addition, a complete error report and a manufacturer and model-specific used car check is included.


The Full Version brings you all the features of this solution. In the Full Version you have: 
  • Digital Garage
  • Used Car Check
  • Manuals
Continuous updates and improvements are included.

In addition, our Full Version users enjoy our world class customer service.

US $


Yearly withdrawal

 in-app purchase




Carly can read out all fault codes from all built in ECUs, show you the code including its description text and clear all faults as well.

This feature is manufacturer specific, which means you will receive the same results as in an original garage

Do you want to know more? Check  here

Used Car Check 

Carly can read out relevant data depending on model and build year. While we focus on mileage data, you will get much more information in most cases like crash data, average vehicle speed/usage and much more.

This feature is worldwide unique. We are proud to say that no other all-in-one solution can offer such a deep level of car information. Especially our mileage detection has become a worldwide featured and loved utility that has helped hundreds of thousand car buyers and sellers.

Do you want to know more? Check out the Manual here

Carly for 


Get the most out of your Mercedes

Carly for Mercedes

The best system for your  Mercedes

Buy the Android Adapter

Everyone can truly master the functions of their own vehicle using Carly. This includes those functions, to which usually only the workshop has access to! The smart app in combination with the original Carly adapter makes it possible to read and write car data at the push of a button. 

Carly is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. 


Check out which models are supported by CarlyBuy the iOS Adapter

More about the Carly features for Mercedes 


OBD Function

Easily diagnose your car and receive live parameters from your car's engine contol unit.



OBD Function

OBD Functions – Standard OBD for your car!

  • OBD Diagnostics – High-Level Quick-Diagnostics (additional to Carly In-Depth Diagnostics)
  • OBD Readiness – Check for driving readiness
  • OBD Gauges – OBD Standard live-reading values from the engine

Carly offers every feature on a manufacturer specific level. This means that the quality is on par with the manufacturer – there’s no deeper connection to the car than with Carly.

Additionally, there’s an OBD standard, that works for every car. We offer this so that you can do everything possible with your car. This is our OBD Function.

For more information see here


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