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See detailed fault descriptions created by expert mechanics and see what you can repair yourself.

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Understand your fault codes

Understand your fault codes

Get detailed fault descriptions written by expert mechanics, which will help you to understand your car's fault codes better.
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Potential symptoms

  • Bad starting behavior after a standstill
  • Possibly completely discharged battery over a certain period of time
  • Check-Control message: "Battery severely discharged"
Check components & schematics

Check components & schematics

You will find direct access to original plans, just like the ones used in the workshop to check components and schematics.

Exhaust system

(Main group 18 in BMW-ETK)


Introduction to the fault category

The 002AF0 fault is assigned to the "Exhaust System" fault category
Repair More Yourself

Repair More Yourself

Find detailed repair tips which will help you find the cause of the error and perform more repairs on your own.

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More fault specific information:

Error information for error: 002AF0

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How it works

Understand car diagnostics

Diagnostic fault codes (DTCs, also called trouble or error codes) identify a particular problem area outside the normal range and show where a fault might be occurring (i.e. fuel mixture too rich) even if the warning light is not showing it.

The modern vehicle contains data from up to 80 complex electronic control units. Carly reads out, interprets, and visualizes that data for you in an easy and understandable way.

BMW 3 Series

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