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Carly for BMW

Diagnostics – perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics!

  • Find and Clear manufacturer-level fault codes
  • Full descriptions for BMW fault codes, like Airbag
  • Have all-information fault reports with you, always and everywhere

In this Lite Version you can check how the Pro Version will work. You will receive an all-information fault report for free.

Now you can perform complete health-checks without a Pro version. You have the choice of single licenses with 1 or with 5 diagnostic sessions.

The Pro Version contains an unlimited license for health-checks of all models we support. Future updates for diagnostics-quality and all further functions like finding and clearing fault codes, full descriptions and fault reports are included.

Engine Freeze Frames

Freeze Frames are extra information for every occurence of faults, e.g. temperature, mileage, count, engine speed. These Freeze Frames are read out with every engine diagnostic session and are shown to you in the Pro Version. This function is included in the Pro Version. You can find more info here.

Example of Freeze Frames:



Looking for more information or support? Check out the manual here.

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