The Webasto ThermoCall App Details

This App was designed especially to control a Webasto parking heater in conjunction with the control element Thermo Call TC3, and is not suitable for other versions.
Operate your Webasto parking heater the modern and convenient way via iPhone App!
The various functions can easily and quickly be accessed via the self-explanatory and interactive symbols:
Important: the app communicates via SMS with the TC3, it therefore does not work on an iPad or other tablet that no normal sends SMS!

Thank you very much for all your feedback!
In fact, we could incorporated the majority of all suggested ideas.

  • Support for two Thermo Calls
  • Temperature functions
  • Personal reminder for repeated heating
  • Support for two heaters with one ThermoCall
  • Steps in single minutes

All in a new modern design
Please continue to send in your comments and suggestions
Thank You!