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Make the car more yours

Carly Driver inside BMW

Make the car more yours

In modern vehicles, there are functions and settings that the manufacturer has not unlocked. Changing these settings is called coding, and Carly enables you to take full advantage of the car and customize it to your needs.

„That manufacturers lock features that obviously are already there, is just ridiculous.“

Popular codings

What users love most

Start Stop System

Disable the automatic Start-Stop

Carly can help you disable annoying features, like the automatic engine Start-Stop system.


Change the exterior optics of your car with light codings

You car hides different ways to customize the daytime running lights.

Light Coding
Digital Speedometer

Digital speedometer - show the speed digitally

Set the speed to show in the digital display below the speedometer.


Transform your parking system into the F model

It just needs one tap to let your E model parking system look like the F model. Compatible for selected BMWs.

Parking Distance
How it works

Understand coding

A vehicle suitable for coding requires an OBD2 port to access in-built ECUs. The coding changes pre-programmed options and these depend on the type and number of electric and electronic features already built-in.

Used Car
No coding skills needed
Easy return to original settings
Safe & legal

What you can do with Carly varies from car to car. Find out what could work for yours.

Other Carly features

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Health Health Phone
Car Health


Catch potential problems before they cost you dearly. Know your car’s health and severity of problems, clear fault codes and more.

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Maintenance Maintenance Phone


Perform simple maintenance independent of the workshop, with one tap on the phone.

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Used car check Used car check Phone
Used car check

Used car check

Car mileage manipulation is on the rise, because it is so easy to do. Don't get tricked, analyse the vehicle before buying.

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The Carly Community

What other drivers say

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“I programmed the windows to close using the fob, I programmed the locks to automatically lock at a certain speed, and so many other things I never knew I could program! So easy and so fun. Highly recommend“
Timi, BMW
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Most Common Questions

How do I know which coding options will work for my car?
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The coding function is available for BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Toyota and Lexus. The coding options vary - based on the car model, hardware and software in the individual car. You can check here, which coding options could be supported for you car brand. Please connect your car with the adapter to the Carly app to see what exactly is possible for your individual car.
Can I break my car, or could my warranty expire after using Carly?
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The Carly solution is safe to use and should not break your car or affect the warranty if you use it correctly and in line with our recommendations. As it applies for every other car tool.

Carly makes a backup every time you code, and you can quickly return to the original settings if you want. Also, Carly is the only coding solution worldwide that has a proactive ECU check installed. We check before encoding whether your controller has a "clean" firmware.

What you need to be careful about is not to change too many options at the same time. And in rare cases, there are controllers with firmware that could potentially cause problems after a coding process. But no worries, we will inform you about it in the app.

What do I need to do to get started?
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You just need the Universal Carly Adapter and a mobile phone to download our app Carly all-in-one. It runs both in Android and iOs and works for almost all car brands in the world. Plug the adapter in the OBD port, connect to the app, and start running your first diagnosis.
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