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An OBD Scanner is an electronic device that allows a computer to access a vehicle’s data. The technology of standard OBD2 Scanners is not able to support the advanced features Carly offers, including in-depth diagnostics, coding, parameters reading and more.

With the Carly Scanner you can enjoy all of these advantages and benefits, by simply using your phone.

Small and powerful

The new Carly Scanner

Works for iOS & Android
Works for all brands with an OBD-II port
Enables fast and secure connection
Uses low energy Bluetooth technology
Technical Specifications

Designed for your best experience

Technical Specifications
Designed for your best experience
32bit ARM Microprocessor
Maximum computational performance allows high-throughput data transfers and low latency car communication.
Solid-state Multiplexer
Automatically sets the correct scanner configuration according to your specific car brand and model.
Bluetooth Low Energy
Newest wireless standard for instant connection and secure communication with your mobile device.
Sleek and Ergonomic Design
Fits in every car with its black polycarbonate case and compact dimensions (73 mm x 38 mm x 17 mm).
Multi-Protocol Support
Communicates with every car via multiple standard and proprietary K-Line and CAN protocols.
Over-the-air Updates
Firmware upgrades keep your scanner up-to-date.
Superior design

Carly Scanner vs. other scanner

Carly Universal Scanner

Carly Adapter
  • iOS and Android enabled
  • All car brands supported
  • 14-day money-back guarantee on the scanner
  • Lifetime warranty with premium customer support

Other scanners

Carly Adapter
  • Work either with iOS or Android
  • No guarantee that new Carly features are compatible
  • No risk-free test period
  • Usually no guarantee

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