Carly for Mercedes:

Diagnostics – Perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics!

  • Check Fault Codes and their explanation texts
  • Clear Fault Codes (except Airbag)
  • Generate readable Fault Reports

With the Lite Version of Carly for Mercedes you can test compatibility of your car for all functions of the Pro Version.

With a Pro Version License you can perform unlimited diagnostics for all supported models.

With a “Your Model” Pro Version License you can perform unlimited diagnostics for Your model and all models, that belong to the same generation.

Model Generation 1: 203, 211 etc.
Model Generation 2: 204, 212 etc.

Future Update for improvements of diagnostics quality, fault codes etc. are included within the Pro Version.

Description from the Store:

Welcome to Carly for Mercedes,

THE FIRST APP IN THE WORLD that is able to give you deep insight into your Mercedes’s health ★ whenever and wherever you want to ★!


It is the only app that will diagnose your Mercedes and find Mercedes-Benz specific fault and event code information just like the professional tools local dealerships use for thousands of dollars!

With MerceWhat we offer you the same quality of diagnostics in most cases. It is easy to use and only costs a fraction. You will save tons of time and money without having to drag yourself to the next dealership.

This app is made for Mercedes-Benz cars – the app is not made by Daimler-AG.
iViNi-apps is also the proud maker of CarlyForBMW – the five-star rated, most powerful and successful BMW app!


★ “We believe that drivers should have full power and control over the health of their cars.” ★


Please try this app to test compatibility with your car and receive a full diagnostics report for free.
You can get a Pro Version for your model directly in this app. In order to check all currently supported models starting 2005, please see below. Models prior to this date aren’t fully supported, but we’re working hard to include them as well.

You only need an appropriate Bluetooth-OBD adapter to connect your Android device with your Mercedes. Our own CarlyForMercedes adapters are custom-made for this app and the only ones that ensure full functionality now and in the future. You can find more information about our adapters in the app or on http://www.ivini-tech.de/en/.

Check your Mercedes’s health right away – your Carly Team!


● Series 117 – CLA Coupe
● Series 163 – M Hatchback
● Series 164 – M Hatchback
● Series 166 – M Hatchback
● Series 170 – SLK Roadster
● Series 171 – SLK Roadster
● Series 172 – SLK Roadster
● Series 176 – A Class
● Series 197 – AMG/GT Roadster
● Series 199 – AMG/GT Roadster
● Series 203 – C Notchback/Van
● Series 204 – C Notchback/Van
● Series 207 – E Coupe/Convertible
● Series 209 – C Coupe/Convertible
● Series 211 – E Notchback/Van
● Series 212 – E Notchback/Van
● Series 215 – S Class Coupe/Convertible
● Series 216 – S Class Coupe/Convertible
● Series 218 – CLS Coupe
● Series 219 – CLS Coupe
● Series 220 – S Class Limousine
● Series 221 – S Class Limousine
● Series 222 – S Class Limousine
● Series 230 – SL Roadster
● Series 231 – SL Roadster
● Series 245 – B Class
● Series 246 – B Class
● Series 251 – R Limousine
● Series 463 – G Hatchback/Convertible
● Series 639 – Viano/Vito
● Series 906 – Sprinter
● Series X204 – GLK Hatchback

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