Which is the best car diagnostic tool? – Car Experts Compare the TOP 10

05th Oct 2020 | Car Coding, Car Diagnostics, Car Enthusiast

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There are a lot of car diagnostic and automotive scan tools (as well as other possibilities) on the market to help you make your own car diagnosis. Our team of experts shortlisted 25 devices to discover the best car diagnostic tool. Who wouldn’t like to better be able to understand their vehicle? Especially when there […]

What is an OBD2 Scanner?

05th Oct 2020 | Car Diagnostics, Car Enthusiast, OBD

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What is an OBD2 Scanner? Many who are looking to access their car’s diagnostics, live data, or even code their car, know that an OBD2 scanner is the best tool for this!   With an OBD2 scanner, you will be able to have full control of your car and know its health state at all times. […]

How does a car diagnostic tool work?

14th Sep 2020 | Car Diagnostics

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With a diagnostic device, you can really get a feel for your car. You can answer questions such as — which faults and problems have occurred in my car? How much fuel does my car really use? What is the exact performance data of the car? A diagnostic device can read out hundreds of such […]

How to Clear Fault Codes with Carly

25th Aug 2020 | Car Diagnostics, Fault Codes, OBD

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Clearing Fault Codes After you have run diagnostics using your Carly adapter and app, you can then use the app to clear the fault codes in your car. Remember, just because you have cleared them doesn’t mean they are fixed. That’s why we have the option for Carly to remind you to run another health […]

How to Understand the Fault Codes with Carly

25th Aug 2020 | Car Diagnostics, Fault Codes

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So you’ve run a health check/diagnostics on your car and some codes have popped up. But the codes aren’t helpful if you don’t understand what they mean! Luckily, Carly not only shows the codes, but also tells you how severe they could be, and gives you the option to quickly lookup additional information about the […]

How to Perform a Diagnostics Check of Your Car with Carly

25th Aug 2020 | Car Diagnostics

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Running diagnostics on your car is incredibly helpful for maintaining the health of your car. The last thing you want is a small problem to become a big one, simply because you weren’t aware. Not all of us are car experts, but with Carly, you don’t have to be! All you need is the Carly […]

What is a car diagnostic tool?

27th Jul 2020 | Car Coding, Car Diagnostics, Car Enthusiast

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Those who have previously tried coding know what a so-called Car Diagnostic Tool is. But the average consumer has no idea what a diagnostic tool is. We’re here to tell you what you can do with it and what you need it for. How to use a car diagnostic tool? A car diagnostic tool also […]