How Does a Head-Up Display Work? + Tips for Retrofitting

In recent years cars have been getting more and more loaded with features. Today it’s no longer enough for a car to just get you from A to B, oh no. It needs to have the full range of safety assistants, digital cockpit features and a Head-Up Display to be taken seriously. But are these […]

Coding Basics — The Five Best Codings for BMW Models!

We’ve already written several articles about OBD2 adapters, as well as the diagnostic devices that can be used for the purpose. We’ve also noted that you can use such devices to enter the exciting world of coding, where you can personalize certain aspects of your car to your liking. Today, we present a collection of […]

Do OBD2 Diagnostic Devices with Bluetooth Exist?

Diagnostic devices are available in many different versions and multiple price ranges, from cheap and simple scanners to expensive, complex, and professional-level devices that can change a myriad of settings on the vehicle. Some devices are well suited for hobbyists due to their ease of use and simple, understandable language when reading out vehicle data, […]

BMW E90 Coding — Where Do You Start?

When it comes to BMW E90 Coding, the possibilities are quite literally limitless.  That’s why we’ve created a complete list of all coding options for every model in the BMW’s E90 generation of 3-series. Keep in mind, although we’re referencing the E90 here, the same applies to all models, including the E90, E91, E92, and E93. Now, […]

Coding BMW E60 – What Can be Coded

Are you a BMW enthusiast who owns a BMW E60 5 Series? You probably didn’t know that you can make any changes to your car without messing around much. Today we’ll show you the most popular codings that you can do on your BMW E60. If you want to see the whole list complete with technical descriptions, […]

Audi Code Reader – This Is How It Works!

The car has been our loyal four-wheeled companion for transportation, enjoyment, and enthusiasm for over a century now and shows no signs of abating in popularity. More new cars are being produced and purchased every year, and they are constantly evolving in terms of technology. Hybrid Cars and Electric Cars are both the current and […]

Which BMW E90 Diagnostic Tool Is Best?

Are you the owner of an E90 BMW 3 Series? Are you interested in learning more about your vehicle? Do you wish to save money, run vehicle diagnostics by yourself, or even personalize certain aspects of your car? You don’t need to drop everything and drive to a workshop every time a warning light illuminates. […]

Which Diagnostic Tool for BMW E46?

The BMW E46 generation of the popular 3 Series from the Bavarian automaker is gaining a following, and as the proud owner of one, you will naturally want to know its health status, understand any error codes that pop up, as well as even venture into the world of personalization through coding. These can be […]

Which Diagnostic Tool for a BMW E36

Your BMW E36 is your pride and joy. It is, after all, a classic Bimmer that is quickly gaining cult status around the world. To ensure its longevity and trouble-free running, as well as avoiding expensive service and repairs from workshops, you can carry out regular diagnostics on your own. You don’t need to be […]

Which Diagnostic Device Is Best For the BMW X1 (F48)

Are you the proud owner of a BMW X1 F48? Congratulations, it’s a great small SUV from Germany. However, as with any vehicle, problems can crop up. Here and there, a warning light can come on, or a hiccup can manifest. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get to the bottom of these issues […]