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Your car is unique

Your car is as unique as you are. Carly works differently for each car so find out what we can do for yours — your car deserves it. Get started here:

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Access all your hidden car data

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Carly Features

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Carly Diagnostics

Carly Smart Mechanic

Carly Engine Live Data

Carly Maintenance

Carly Used Car Check

Carly Coding

How to use the Carly scanner
Get started in three easy steps
1. Plug it in

Every vehicle has an OBD2 port. It is usually located in the floorboard of the vehicle. Learn more
2. Turn on the ignition

When the ignition is turned on, the Carly scanner accesses the control units. All vehicle data are accessed. Learn more
3. Connect

Download the Carly app to your mobile phone, open it and simply connect via Bluetooth. Learn more

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... and level up your repair and maintenance game.

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