Know your car’s health

Check main car systems for known and hidden errors, and clear fault codes

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Prevention saves money

Carly users save up to $2,000 a year

Money saving

Over 10 years, your car can cost you $15,000 in maintenance including avoidable fees from mechanics.

“Carly helped me understand what was wrong and this eventually saved me thousands“

Andres, BMW F10
Car diagnostics on the go

Perform a health check simply with your smartphone

Have control

Understand the warning lights and severity of the problems

Don’t worry about your car breaking down on a road trip. Use Carly to get insight into your car's health before it catches you by surprise.

Prevent costly damages

Detect hidden problems early

No one likes unexpected repair bills, especially when you are out of warranty. Now you have the opportunity to prevent some of those unwanted expenses by checking on your car’s health regularly to keep your repair costs low.

Avoid mechanic visits

Read and clear fault codes

Finally you can do it all through your smartphone with a simple tap.

Carly can diagnose your car and much more — find out what could be possible for your car.

How it works

Understand Health Diagnostics

Diagnostic fault codes (DTCs, also called trouble or error codes) identify a particular problem area outside the normal range and show where a fault might be occurring (i.e. fuel mixture too rich) even if the warning light is not showing it.

BMW 3 Series

The modern vehicle contains data from up to 80 complex electronic control units. Carly reads out the data, interprets it and visualizes for you in an easy and understandable way.

Other Carly features

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Car Coding
Car Maintenance
Used car check
Car Coding Car Coding Phone
Car Coding

Car Coding

In modern vehicles, there are functions and settings that the manufacturer has not unlocked. Customize your car to fit your needs.

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Car Maintenance Car Maintenance Phone
Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Perform simple maintenance independent of the workshop, with one tap on the phone.

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Used car check Used car check Phone
Used car check

Used car check

Car mileage manipulation is on the rise, because it is so easy to do. Don't get tricked, analyze the vehicle before buying.

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The Carly Community

What other drivers say

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“I drive a BMW E61 and as you all know it is not the most reliable car, but Carly made my life way, way easier.“
Anton, BMW e61
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“My Golf 7 had battery problems again and again. With Carly, I was able to prove to the garage that the battery was not working, something they did not want to believe otherwise.“
Johannes, VW Golf
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Most Common Questions

Why should I make regular diagnostics?
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The faults can appear even before the engine or other warning lights turn on. These minor issues can turn into bigger problems in the course of days or weeks, and when the warning light is on, it can already be too late or very costly.
Which electronic control units does the Health feature cover?
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This depeands on your car brand. Brands such as BMW, Mini, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Renault, and Porsche have been in development for a long time and have more functions available, such as manufacturer-level diagnosis on systems such as, engine, transmission, emissions, ABS, airbag, multimedia, and more. Other brands were implemented more recently and so we currently offer the OBD functions (OBD health or diagnosis, OBD parameters and Emission check) for the time being, which covers the most critical systems like engine and transmission.
How do I know which features will work for my car?
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You can check the available Carly features for your car brand (and model) here. To be sure of which functions are supported bby your car’s hardware and software, you will need to connect the adapter and the free Carly Lite app version. We offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Carly adapter so you can test it together with the free Lite version of the app. If it is not as expected, you can send the adapter back to us within the given period.
What do I need to get started?
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You just need the Universal Carly Adapter and a mobile phone to download our app — Carly. If you have a car older than 2001, you will need the adapter extension, too. The app runs on both Android and iOS and works for almost all car brands in the world. Plug the adapter in the OBD port, connect to the app, and start running your first diagnosis. Get your set here.
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