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the carly scanner - the most advanced obd scanner on the market

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Technical Highlights

top-of-the-line technology with sleek design

Carly Adapter Explosion
Maximum processing power through 32-Bit-ARM processor
Compact and robust 2.9x1.5x0.67 inches

Technical Specifications

Carly Adapter
ECE R10 certified
Solid-state Multiplexer


Fast and secure Connection


2.4 GHz

Bluetooth 5.0

The Carly Scanner is suited for continuous operation through ultra-low power mode. Also, high radio range ensures maximum comfort during use.

Get Started
How to use the Carly scanner
Get started in three easy steps
1. Plug it in

The OBD2 port in your car has 16 pins with pre-defined assignments. It is located in the footwell of the car. Remove the cover and plug in the Carly Scanner.
2. Turn on the ignition

When you turn on the ignition, the Carly Scanner accesses up to 80 electronic control units through interpreting pulse-width modulation signals that vary by manufacturer.
3. Connect

The Carly Scanner contains a bluetooth chip. After downloading the Carly app for Android or iOS onto your mobile phone, open the app and press “connect” to establish a connection.
Here is a video with a step-by-step guide

What makes us stand out from the crowd

Every Carly Scanner is individually tested to guarantee premium quality and comes with a lifelong warranty.

Carly App
  • All inputs fail-protected for safe operation
  • Over-the-air updates for new features
  • Boards tested individually for heavy use


level up your game with the carly scanner

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