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In recent years, diagnostic equipment for vehicles has become increasingly important. The growing variety of products available, as well as an increasing number of suppliers, has resulted in a wide range of devices on the market. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the BMW E70 and the various diagnostic options available for this vehicle. In particular, we will focus on the Carly app and its adapter, which are excellent for the BMW E70. In addition, we will bring more information about BMW E70 that will surely interest you.

A brief overview of the BMW E70

The BMW E70 is the second generation of the BMW X5, a mid-size SUV that has been on the market since 1999. The E70 was produced from 2006 to 2013 and is known for its performance, handling and luxurious features. The vehicle offers a wide range of engine options and trim levels to suit all tastes.

What is a diagnostic device for the BMW E70

In recent years, interest in vehicle diagnostic equipment has increased, but what actually is such a device? Even if you are already familiar with this topic, you have the possibility to refresh your knowledge or to extend it[1]. If you are familiar with it, you can skip the next section.[2] Otherwise, you can get a brief overview here[3]. Without understanding what a diagnostic device is and what functions it provides, it may be difficult to comprehend the following text.

Diagnostic devices allow you to query and analyze data stored in your vehicle. In most cars, the so-called OBD port is located below the steering wheel on the left side, through which the diagnostic device is connected to the vehicle. OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics, with the current standard system being OBD-2. Before OBD-2, there was the OBDx system, where each manufacturer used its own connectors. OBD-2 has been the uniform standard since 2004, which has greatly facilitated the use of diagnostic equipment. Originally designed for exhaust-related systems, they quickly found application in other electronic areas of the vehicle. This opened up many possibilities for coding and showed the enormous potential of this system.

With OBD-2 devices you can read the electronic control units of your vehicle. Modern cars, especially high-end models, have more than 100 different control units that provide a wide range of data. This data must be monitored and analyzed. Diagnostic devices help you present this information clearly and understandably. The data comes directly from the control units.

The main focus is not on the data itself, but on the errors it shows. Diagnostic devices read the ECUs and present you with the detected errors. Each error is displayed as a code, where each code represents a specific problem. Today, you can simply enter the code online to find out what the problem is. If you get enough information and feel confident, you can try to solve the problem yourself. However, be aware of the work, effort and possible risks involved.

An alternative to repairing it yourself is to visit a specialist workshop. Here, of course, there is a cost (usually between 50 and 100 €), but the experts have specific solutions and knowledge for the particular brand of car. It is advisable to go directly to a BMW workshop, as they have the right equipment and are very familiar with your BMW E70. If your BMW E70 needs to be read more frequently or you want to customize your vehicle, the investment in the Carly OBD scanner will quickly pay off.

The Carly App and the Carly Adapter for the BMW E70


As mentioned earlier, the Carly App and Carly Adapter are a great option for BMW E70 owners who want to diagnose and customize their vehicle. The Carly app is tailored specifically for BMW vehicles and offers a wide range of features suitable for both diagnosing and customizing an E70. The Carly Adapter is a small device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-2 port and creates a connection between your smartphone and the on-board computer system.

Using the Carly App and the Carly Adapter for the BMW E70 is relatively simple and straightforward. After you have purchased the adapter and installed the app on your smartphone, simply connect the adapter to the OBD-2 port of your E70 and launch the app. The app will automatically connect to the adapter and you can immediately access the various functions.

What are the differences between various BMW E70 diagnostic devices?

The differences between diagnostic devices are mainly in their functions, features and prices. If you’re looking for a diagnostic device for your BMW E70, you’ll find that the price range goes from under €100 to over €1000 and even several thousand euros. However, devices in the lower price segment are sufficient for most applications. To save time, effort and money, you should clarify in advance what you expect from a diagnostic device. Basic tasks of diagnostic devices are mostly similar, but additional functions, user interface and compatibility with different vehicle brands may vary. In the following, we briefly explain these three aspects.

The user interface is the central aspect. It essentially forms the foundation on which the diagnostic device is based. Some devices are simple to understand, while others are more complex. As a user, you probably prefer a clear and easy-to-understand user interface. Nevertheless, it is advisable to read the operating instructions of a diagnostic device thoroughly to avoid causing irreparable damage. A clear user interface makes it easier to read out the error codes and helps to maintain an overview. After reading the user manual, you can start learning the main functions.

Additional functions of a diagnostic device can make the difference between different devices. Some devices have advanced diagnostic capabilities, live data displays, or even coding capabilities. Other devices can reset service intervals or provide other useful functions. Consider which features are relevant to you and your BMW E70 before choosing a diagnostic device.

Compatibility with different vehicle brands is also a decisive factor. Some diagnostic devices are universal and work with many makes of vehicles, while others are designed specifically for a particular make. For your BMW E70, you should choose a diagnostic device that is either specifically designed for BMW models or at least ensures high compatibility with this brand.


The functions of the Carly App for the BMW E70

The Carly app offers a variety of features that are useful for diagnosing and customizing your BMW E70. These include:

Support for used car buyers. With the Carly app, you can check the vehicle history of your BMWs F70 and make sure that the car has no hidden defects before you buy it. This can help you avoid fraudulent offers and ensure that you purchase a reliable vehicle.

Carly is not only an app, but also a community. On the Carly website you will find a forum where you can exchange ideas and share experiences with other Carly users. Here you can learn tips and tricks about the app and coding BMW models and discuss problems or questions with other Carly users.

However, the app is not free. The cost of the Carly app varies between €21 and €80 per year, depending on the subscription chosen. Still, most users feel that the investment in the app and adapter will quickly pay for itself, especially if you regularly run diagnostics or want to make changes to your BMW F70 .

The Carly app is an excellent choice for owners of a BMW E70. It offers a wide range of features, is easy to use and is supported by an active community. If you’re willing to invest in the app and adapter, you can save money in the long run and get to know and customize your BMW E70 better.

Which diagnostic device is best suited for the BMW E70?

It’s crucial that the diagnostic device for your BMW E70 is available in a language you’re fluent in. Make sure the device is available either in your native language or at least in a language you understand well. There are also multilingual devices that can be useful if you want to lend the diagnostic device to friends or neighbors with different language skills. In most cases, however, a monolingual device will suffice, and it will probably be less expensive.

Compatibility is another essential aspect you should consider when buying a diagnostic device for your BMW E70. Although all vehicles have a standardized interface, this does not mean that every diagnostic device is suitable for every vehicle. Think about different operating systems like iOS and Windows that have different requirements. Make sure that the diagnostic device you choose is compatible with your BMW E70.

In addition to the points already mentioned, different diagnostic devices have different functions and features. An example of this is the number of ECUs that can be read out. It’s difficult to make a blanket recommendation because the features you need depend on your individual requirements for the device for your vehicle. However, after reading this text, you should have a better understanding of which features and functions are most relevant to you and your BMW E70.

BMW E70 – Software or diagnostic device?

In fact, there is also diagnostic software for your BMW E70 that you can use with your laptop or even smartphone. Before we go into that, let’s first look at the differences between the two approaches: OBD-2 using an external diagnostic device and OBD-2 using software.

OBD-2 using external diagnostic device is the method we have talked about so far. The main difference with the software solution is that you need a separate device for this instead of using your existing smartphone or laptop. You connect the OBD-2 diagnostic device with a cable to the OBD port of your BMW E70. Such a cable is available for little money on the Internet. The disadvantage of this method is that the functions of the external diagnostic device may be limited. However, if you have all the necessary functions, a diagnostic device is a good option. However, you often quickly reach the limits and such devices can become obsolete, since they usually do not receive updates.

OBD-2 using software is the second method to read your vehicle. In our opinion, this is the better method, as you have a large screen at your disposal and can look up error codes directly on the Internet. Using the software is pretty simple: you connect your laptop or smartphone directly to the vehicle via an adapter, then you launch the software and make sure that your laptop’s operating system is supported.

So for your BMW E70, you can choose between an external diagnostic device or diagnostic software for laptop or smartphone. If you don’t need many features and prefer a separate device, the external diagnostic device is a good option. However, if you want more flexibility and deeper operation, using diagnostic software on your laptop or smartphone is recommended.

How to use a diagnostic device for the BMW E70?

By using diagnostic software, you will get numerous benefits for your BMW E70. The software allows you to analyze data from different ECUs, so no error goes undetected and you get all the information you need to fix problems. Plus, by getting to know the most important trouble codes, you can potentially reduce garage visits and save money in the long run.

Another method is to use OBD-2 via an app, which is considered a top solution. This is where an app like Carly comes in. Connecting to your smartphone is even easier than connecting to a laptop. You plug the Carly adapter into the OBD-2 port of your BMW E70 and automatically connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The adapter costs about 59,90 €. Additionally, you need the Carly app, which is available in the App Store or Play Store.

The app offers even more features than the laptop. In addition to reading fault codes and checking the health of your car, you can also make changes to your BMW E70, such as disabling the start-stop function for the long term. Carly allows you to unlock hidden features that the manufacturer may not have released for all models. Especially with BMW, you can make customizations that are both practical and visually appealing. For example, you can activate the “Coming Home” feature, which keeps the headlights on after you lock the car so you don’t have to walk to the front door in the dark. It’s best to check out the many options on the Carly website.

Carly also offers a used car check. This function reads all control units and compares their data. If something has been changed or looks suspicious, the app gives a warning. This is especially important considering that about one-third of German used cars have manipulated speedometers. With Carly ‘s used car check, you can easily avoid such problems.

So which diagnostic device is best for my BMW E70?

After reading all this information, you can probably already guess which product we recommend for the BMW E70. If you had trouble finding the right diagnostic device, Carly is the answer. Should you have come across this article directly, you have saved yourself a lot of time and effort in finding the appropriate diagnostic device for your BMW E70.

Carly offers suitable software for reading data for most vehicles available in Germany, including BMW. Fortunately, even specifically for BMW, which we would like to emphasize once again here.

If you own other vehicles besides a BMW E70, Carly is also a great choice. It is an ideal all-round program with the right software for most German cars. If you want to learn more, we recommend you visit the Carly website. There you will find a detailed list of all models that you can optimize with Carly.

We’re pretty sure that while reading, you discovered something that appeals to you and that you want to try. Whether it’s something you’ve always wanted to try or something you didn’t know was possible, we hope you enjoy it.

Overall, the Carly OBD scanner for your BMW E70 brings the following plus points:

– Adaptability to various car models, including BMW.

– uncomplicated handling via smartphone app.

– Unlocking of hidden functions and possibility to make individual adjustments to the vehicle.

– Vehicle evaluation that may reveal tampered speedometers.

– long-term cost savings by avoiding unnecessary workshop visits.

– wide range of functions that go beyond the simple reading of error codes.

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Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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