How to Perform a Diagnostics Check of Your Car with Carly

Running diagnostics on your car is incredibly helpful for maintaining the health of your car. The last thing you want is a small problem to become a big one, simply because you weren’t aware.

Not all of us are car experts, but with Carly, you don’t have to be! All you need is the Carly app and adapter, and you can run your first (or 10th) health check in less time than it takes to pick a movie on Netflix.

Whether you’re running a check because the engine light has come on, or simply to keep on top of your car’s health, you’ll feel better knowing more about your car’s status — all without a trip to the mechanics.

Which electronic control units the Health diagnostics feature covers depends on your car brand.

Brands such as BMW, Mini, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Renault, and Porsche have been in development for a long time and have more functions available.

This includes manufacturer-level diagnosis on systems such as the engine, transmission, emissions, ABS, airbag, multimedia, and more. Other brands were implemented more recently and so we currently offer the OBD functions (OBD health or diagnosis, OBD parameters, and Emissions check) for the time being, which covers the most critical systems.

We are improving the Carly solution all the time, therefore the design of the app might have changed and functionalities may have been added since the video was filmed.

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