Diagnosing mechanically damaged mysteries with Samcrac!

If you love watching videos on how to repair cars, you’re probably already familiar with the YouTube channel Samcrac! Check out the video below to see how Sam uses Carly when fixing his vehicles.

What’s going on in the video?

In this video, Sam purchases a wrecked, dead Beetle to fix up as a gift for a friend of his who is a VW enthusiast! Starting at around 4 minutes and 30 seconds in, Sam introduces Carly and shows how he has used before on his BMW M5 and VW GTI to diagnose problems and lookup information on error codes. He also uses Carly to clear the service light, instead of making a trip to the dealership. Then he explains how he has used Carly on his BMW 3 Series in the past to code out the warning screen that pops up every time the car starts and talks about how you can use the adapter to check for odometer rollback (aka mileage manipulation). If you’re looking to see exactly how easy Carly is to use, we’d recommend checking out this part of the video. 

Keep watching and you’ll see Sam surprise his friend with the car and explain the potential issues and how they can try to fix them. Then at around 17 minutes in, Sam plugs in his Carly and runs a diagnostic test to see what trouble codes the engine had generated and the general status of the car. To see what he finds, and if they’re able to fix the wrecked beetle, just finish the video! And of course, subscribe to the channel to be updated each time a new video is posted!