Avoid Buying Carly on eBay!

Save Yourself Money and a Potential Headache — Avoid Buying Carly on eBay!

If you’ve ever searched online for a product, you’ve probably seen eBay or Amazon come up in the search results. And sometimes, these products are sold by the actual company, which means you should be getting a good price.

However, there are also many people on eBay or Amazon who are reselling products, usually at a higher price than you would pay if you bought the product directly.

This is the case with Carly adapter.

Carly only sells directly to customers via www.mycarly.com. If you buy from any other website, you are not purchasing it from Carly GmbH.

And we always recommend that you buy directly from us Why? Well if you buy from these (unauthorized) “resellers” you don’t get our tech support, our lifetime warranty, or access to our return policy.

When you buy from an eBay reseller, basically, you are paying a higher price, and not getting any of these benefits! The reseller is the one who gets the benefit when they order directly from our website.

Not only that, but when you go to order directly from our site, you also can take a look around to learn about the product. Relying on potentially old information from a random reseller isn’t nearly as reliable as getting the information straight from the source!

Obviously, the choice is yours, but buying from an eBay reseller offers no benefits and several disadvantages, so just keep that in mind if you decide to buy Carly!

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