What is a DPF delete?


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You don’t know about a DPF delete and you are wondering if you can increase engine performance and fuel efficiency by removing your DPF filter? Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages reading this article.

What is a diesel particulate filter?

The DPF is a filter in modern exhaust systems, which filters soot and other particulates after diesel combustion. The reason is that by law an exhaust gas after treatment is required in order to meet the increasing exhaust gas requirements. Find more info about the DPF here.


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The most common issue about a DPF is, if the vehicle is mainly used for short trips, the diesel particulate filter is very quickly clogged or overloaded by accumulated soot.

For this reason, every vehicle which comes with a diesel particulate filter from serial production has specific regeneration cycles. This means the engine control unit triggers the regeneration program when certain conditions apply. During this exhaust process, the vehicle tries to burn the particles inside the diesel particulate filter in order to renew it.

At a certain point, however, this is no longer possible and the diesel particulate filter must be replaced or extensively cleaned. This is very costly and involves a lot of work. Read more about cleaning the DPF here.

What does DPF delete mean?

What is a DPF delete?

A DPF delete, basically means to run the engine without having the diesel particulate filter installed. Therefore, the DPF must be removed and replaced with an exhaust pipe (downpipe) that does not have a filter installed.

Also, the engine control unit needs reprogramming so that it works properly even without the diesel particulate filter.

What are the benefits of a DPF delete?

Obviously, reducing the exhaust emissions in diesel exhaust gases is the major reason for installing DPFs. But there are also some benefits that support a DPF delete:

Fuel consumption is reduced:

If the DPF has already reached the end of its life or is clogged, the fuel efficiency decreases. By clearing the DPF, fuel efficiency is increased and fuel costs may be reduced.

Higher engine performance:

A clogged DPF generally reduces the vehicle’s engine performance. Once the DPF is removed, the exhaust gases can flow faster through the turbo and through the exhaust. This leads to more power. Of course, increased engine performance requires the engine control unit to be adapted to the DPF delete.

Lower cost in maintaining the vehicle:

A DPF fills or clogs very quickly, especially when driving mostly short trips. In order to increase the lifetime, the filter needs to be checked and maintained regularly to keep it running optimally.

Replacing the DPF can quickly drive up the cost of maintenance.

What are the disadvantages of a DPF delete?

In most countries, a DPF delete it is not legal. This is because in most cases, its only possible to achieve the emission requirements for the vehicle registration when a DPF is installed.

Removing the DPF can result in heavy fines.

For this reason, we do not recommend removing the DPF, specifically when it comes to vehicles that are driven in public roads.

DPF delete shops:

In case you want to to a DPF delete, we definitely recommend having it removed by an expert who can also program the engine control unit correctly.

Under no circumstances, the DPF should be removed without adjusting the engine software. This is because the DPF is monitored by many sensors in the standard state of the vehicle.

If the DPF is removed without the correct adjustment, the sensors provide incorrect values to the engine control unit. This can cause serious damage to the engine.

Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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