The Renault Reader and Why Everyone Should Have One!


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Nowadays, the Renault readout device is irreplaceable when it comes to repairing or diagnosing vehicles. The vehicle owner can use a Renault readout device to check what damage is present in the vehicle and whether the workshop has carried out the correct repair. With a modern Renault readout device, the car owner can regularly check the condition of his car and take precautions to avoid expensive repairs. Many costly repairs are triggered by vehicle components that are much cheaper to repair. To avoid this, a Renault readout device can be used to constantly check the current status of a vehicle.

Advanced models of Renault readout devices are connected to the vehicle electronics using the OBD diagnostic connector . This makes it possible to read out all errors that have occurred in the vehicle. They are generated by the control units in the vehicle as soon as data is measured that is outside the defined ranks. In modern vehicles, up to 100 different control units monitor and control all important functions. With a periodic check, with the help of a Renault

readout device, the current status of a vehicle can be checked periodically. In this way, it can be ensured that the vehicle is always in a roadworthy condition and whether service measures should be initiated.

So a Renault readout device is a very important tool. In this article, we would like to present all the uses and advantages of the Renault Readoutand explain exactly why it should not be missing from any toolbox.

What can I do with a Renault readout device?

In order to be able to explain the advantages of a Renault reader, we need to take a closer look at the vehicle’s electronics. More and more electronics have been used in motor vehicles since as early as the 1970s. Compared to electrical components, some of which have previously performed the various tasks of the electronic control units, there is no wear and tear on electronic components. Because electronics can work much faster and more accurately than any electrical component, it can also enable functions that are not feasible with electrical components. These include, for example, anti-lock braking systems or anti-slip systems that can check the respective conditions within hundredths of a second and initiate countermeasures if necessary.

Another useful application for an electronic control unit is the engine. With modern control units, the ignition timing and injection system of an engine can be controlled so precisely that the best performance, the lowest fuel consumption and the lowest exhaust emissions can be achieved. This would not be possible with electrical components.

The Renault readout device and why everyone should have one!
The Renault readout device and why everyone should have one!

Control units and the Renault readout device

For the reasons mentioned previously, vehicles today can be equipped with up to 100 different ECUs. Through a communication bus, they can exchange data with each other and also respond to data collected by other control units. Another important task of the control units is to generate error messages when problems have been detected. Most often, this is done by recording data recorded by sensors or other components. Thus, temperatures, humidity, speed, rpm and many other data can be collected by the electronic control units. If any of the averaged data is outside the defined ranks, a controller may issue an error message. These can be critical errors, such as excessive engine temperature, but also informative error messages that do not pose a safety risk.

To avoid one-time error measurements, error measurements are first stored in the debounce memory. If the error is confirmed in a further test procedure, an error code is generated first. If the error is not confirmed during the following measuring processes, the message is deleted from the debouncing memory again.

What are error messages or error codes?

Among other things, a Renault readout device offers vehicle owners the possibility to read out fault codes generated by the control units. In order to understand the possibilities that these fault codes offer when diagnosing or repairing a vehicle, we need to look a little closer at the history of the origins of on-board diagnostics.

The Renault readout device and on-board diagnostics

Various vehicle manufacturers have been equipping their vehicles with diagnostic plugs since the 1970s. Even though there wasn’t much use of electronics in vehicles at the time, manufacturers were trying to make it easier and more efficient for authorized repair shops to diagnose vehicles. But it is only since 1988 that there has been a standard that is now used by all vehicle manufacturers.

The OBD standard was introduced by the California Environmental Protection Agency in 1988. The California Air Resource Board (CARB) has had to issue new emissions guidelines due to high levels of air pollution in California’s major cities. The Environmental Protection Agency quickly realized that it was not enough to simply prescribe exhaust emission levels for new vehicles. It was also necessary to ensure that the vehicles complied with emissions regulations over the entire period of use.

They developed the OBD standard. On-board diagnostics took on the task of checking the most important components of an exhaust system and thus guaranteeing compliance with exhaust regulations. An important part of the on-board diagnostics is the diagnostic connector, which can be used to read out the error messages. In addition, serious problems had to be indicated with a red warning light in the dashboard.

The OBD standard has evolved over the years as more and more electronics have been used in vehicles. Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with the OBD2 diagnostic connector, which can be used not only for the diagnosis of the exhaust system. It is part of the on-board electronics and offers the possibility to read out error messages from all control units and also to access current data of the vehicle electronics.

How are error codes composed?

Already since the first version of the on-board diagnostics a standard has been developed how the error codes are composed. The DTC (Data Trouble Code) defined the format that manufacturers must follow when using the trouble codes. In the process, manufacturers were already given the option of generating their own error codes.

Each error code consists of five digits as follows:

Example error code: P0301

The first letter of the Data Trouble Code stands for:

  • P – Powertrain – Drive train
  • C – Chassis – Chassis
  • B – Body – Body
  • U – User Network – Communication Networks

This is followed by a code that states whether the error is a general error (0) or a manufacturer-specific error (1).

The third digit is used in the DTC to specify subfamilies for the first digit in the code. For this purpose, letters or numbers can be applied. Here are some examples:

  • 0,1,2 – Air or fuel metering control
  • 3 – Ignition system
  • 4 – additional emission control
  • 5 – Motor run control
  • 6 – Onboard computer
  • 7, 8, 9, – Gearbox control
  • A, B, C – Hybrid drive

The DTC has been standardized in Europe in the SAE J2012 and ISO 15031-6 standards and now contains more than 11,000 defined codes.

The Renault readout device and why everyone should have one!
The Renault readout device and why everyone should have one!

What Renault readout devices are offered nowadays?

Basically, we can distinguish the different types of Renault readout devices by their purpose.

Renault readout devices for authorized workshops

The readout devices for authorized workshops are rented by Renault only to the authorized workshops. They are designed to enable employees to diagnose vehicles quickly and accurately . These devices cannot be purchased by private individuals. Even the contracted workshops can only rent this equipment and must return it when the rental contracts expire. In this way, the vehicle manufacturers want to avoid that these devices can be used by people who have not completed official training on the devices.

The operation of the Renault readout device for authorized workshops can be relatively complicated, as it is designed for the use of trained personnel only. Besides not being available for purchase on the open market, the devices would also be far too expensive for private use.

Renault readout devices for independent workshops

As more and more electronics were used in motor vehicles, there was also a great demand for readout devices among independent workshops. In contrast to the Renault readout devices for authorized workshops, they also had to be able to be used for other brands for use in independent workshops. The readout devices for independent workshops are therefore characterized by the fact that they can be used for different vehicle brands and are offered in specialized shops.

The manufacturers of these readout devices usually offer updates that can also prepare the devices for use with current vehicle types. These updates are sometimes carried out several times a year and can sometimes incur high costs. The price of Renault readout devices for independent workshops can also be so high that in most cases it is not worthwhile for private individuals to buy them.

Renault readout devices for private use

Demand for Renault readout devices for private use has only increased sharply in recent decades. Since then, it has been possible to offer equipment that is also affordable for private individuals. Among them, many Chinese products, which can not be expected a lot of quality and life expectancy.

In recent years, a German manufacturer has developed a new concept that has been precisely adapted to the requirements of private individuals. For this purpose, the developers use the computing power and memory of modern smartphones or tablets, which everyone uses nowadays and without which many private individuals no longer leave the house. Only one adapter is supplied, which is plugged into the OBD2 diagnostic connector and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

The software required for this can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS. The special thing about Carly OBD Scanner is that it can be used by beginners and professionals. It offers all the information and capabilities of professional Renault readout devices, yet provides a user interface that allows even beginners to quickly retrieve all the important information about the vehicle’s electronics.

What can a Renault readout device be used for?

A Renault readout device, can be used not only for reading the fault codes of the various control units. We would like to go into more detail here about what other options are available to you with a Renault readout device.

Periodic readout of vehicle data

The private vehicle is used in most households to get to work each day and to take the children to school. An unscheduled breakdown of the vehicle can have disastrous consequences, because then there are not only financial costs due to the repair, but also due to additional transportation costs to be able to do the daily trips. Apart from this, unnecessary stress is created because a lot of time is sometimes lost that could be spent on more pleasant activities.

A Renault readout device offers the possibility to check a vehicle periodically and to detect emerging faults in advance. This means that sometimes costly repairs can be avoided if problems are solved in advance. Most costly repairs become apparent in advance and can be prevented by relatively inexpensive countermeasures. So a regular check with a Renault readout device can avoid costly repairs and provide important information about a vehicle’s condition to keep it ready for daily use.

Used car purchase

Buying a used car can be a gamble if the vehicle is not properly inspected and diagnosed beforehand. However, diagnosis with the Carly OBD scanner offers even more advantages when buying a used car. For example, the mileage of a vehicle can be checked for tampering. This is a big problem these days, as many used car salesmen manipulate mileage to get a higher selling price. Carly OBD Scanner can detect if the mileage has been tampered with, as it reads the data from all ECUs and compares the mileage displayed on the speedometer with them.

After reading the vehicle data, the Carly OBD Scanner offers a very simple traffic light system to quickly diagnose the condition of the vehicle. The colors red, yellow and green indicate the condition of the vehicle. In green, there are no problems; in yellow, errors have occurred that do not need to be corrected immediately; and in red, safety-related problems have been detected that need to be corrected immediately. When buying a used car, the traffic light system can be very beneficial because an accurate diagnosis can be made within a few minutes.

Another very important feature of Carly OBD Scanner is the ability to make predictions about future problems of a vehicle. For this purpose, all information from the control units is evaluated and empirical values are used. A used car buyer can then see if the specific vehicle will need costly repairs in the future.

Vehicle diagnostics and repair

As mentioned before, Carly OBD scanner is suitable for beginners and professionals. With it, not only can be made accurate diagnosis to identify the defective parts. With the software you can also subscribe to the Carly Smart Mechanic, which provides accurate repair instructions that can be used to solve any problem yourself. In addition, diagrams and drawings can be used for repairs that are otherwise only available to specialist personnel in authorized workshops.

Workshop control

There are black sheep in every industry. How many times have you felt that more work was done and charged than necessary when repairing your motor vehicle? The Carly OBD Scanner gives you the ability to accurately identify the parts that need to be replaced or repaired. Even after the repair, you can check whether the parts that were responsible for the corresponding error message were replaced. Carly OBD scanner can also help you control the garage and avoid unnecessary expenses.

What knowledge is required to operate a Renault readout device?

In the authorized workshops of the car manufacturers, only personnel who also have the appropriate training may operate the Renault readout devices. The manufacturers of Renault readout devices also offer courses for independent workshops in some cases so that the personnel can master all the functions of the devices. Therefore, the question of what previous knowledge is needed to be able to use a Renault readout device is not even that far-fetched.

We can advise individuals and people with previous knowledge to use Carly OBD Scanner. The user interface and the various functions and tools are designed so that even beginners can immediately take full advantage of the software. Even if vehicles from multiple brands are to be tested or in-depth functional analyses are to be made, the Carly OBD scanner offers all the information and functions that can be used with other Renault readout devices.

How much does it cost at a garage to read the fault codes?

An alternative to having your own Renault readout device, can be a visit to a specialized workshop. If you know a trustworthy workshop, in most cases you can also have the error messages of the vehicle electronics read out there.

While the readout of the OBD at the authorized dealer can cost several 100 €, some independent workshops offer this service in part from 50 to 100 € . The investment in the Carly OBD scanner is worth it even if you only have to read it out two or three times. Even if the staff in the workshop is well acquainted with the vehicle electronics, it is usually not possible to read out the information that the software of the Carly OBD scanner offers you. In addition, the downtime incurred for the journey and the waiting time for the readout at a specialist workshop must also be taken into account. In the end, the investment in the Carly OBD scanner pays off after a short time.

Renault Readout Device Conclusion

The Renault readout device offers the possibility of reading out the status of the vehicle electronics quickly and inexpensively. Nowadays, vehicle electronics monitor a large part of a vehicle’s functions and can thus be used very efficiently to diagnose a vehicle. Even if repairs are done by yourself, a Renault readout device can help to quickly find the sources of errors and professionally complete repairs.

Especially for older vehicles, the investment in the Carly OBD scanner is worthwhile, because problems arise more often and with the scanner errors can be detected early. This helps to avoid consequential damage, some of which can be expensive, and to check the vehicle’s roadworthiness more often. Therefore, with the Carly OBD Scanner, no profound expertise is required, as the user interface displays all the important information. The software reads all data from the on-board electronics to evaluate this automatically. The user learns directly on the user interface if and which problems have occurred. If desired, the individual problems can then be discussed in more detail. It can also be clarified at short notice which components are responsible for this. Thus, the investment in the Carly OBD scanner pays off in a short time.

Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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