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The Peugeot OBD – better control over the condition of your Peugeot?


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Motor vehicles are becoming more and more complicated these days. This also makes it increasingly difficult to assess the current condition of a vehicle. This can be a major problem for most people who depend on their vehicle being in good and roadworthy condition.

Of course, there is always the option of taking your Peugeot to a trusted repair shop, who can then completely inspect the vehicle. This, of course, involves a higher cost and ultimately does not guarantee the reliability of a car, especially if it is an older Peugeot.


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Therefore, it is worth taking a look at what the workshop uses when checking the condition of a Peugeot. In most cases, a Peugeot OBD scanner is connected, which reads all the data from the vehicle’s computer. With this information, the exact condition of a vehicle can be estimated. It is also possible to determine which components have already issued error messages. Is it therefore also worthwhile for a private person to purchase an OBD scanner in order to be able to check their own Peugeot at regular intervals? We will go into this in more detail in this article.

What is a Peugeot OBD?

There are probably many people who have heard about the Peugeot OBD diagnostic connector, but do not know exactly what its tasks are. On-board diagnostics (OBD) is now one of the most important diagnostic devices for motor vehicles. It can be used to access all electronic control units in a vehicle and thus perform various diagnoses.

The goal of OBD is to constantly monitor the various components in a vehicle. If errors occur, they are stored and can be read out with a suitable Peugeot OBD scanner. We would like to explain in more detail in this article how this information is made available and how private individuals can also use this information.

Peugeot OBD Scanner
Peugeot OBD scanner for road safety verification

The Peugeot OBD interface and the OBD diagnostic connector

Although various automakers had attempted to integrate diagnostic equipment into vehicles prior to this, it was not until 1988 that on-board diagnostics became mandatory for motor vehicles in California. The California Environmental Protection Agency had to introduce new emissions regulations due to the high levels of air pollution and was looking for a way to be able to verify compliance with the emissions standards in the long term.

It was clear to the staff of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that it was not enough just to set exhaust emission levels for new vehicles. The values also had to be verifiable over the entire lifetime of the vehicle. They developed the first OBD, which was mandatory for all new vehicles in California beginning in 1988. The first version of OBD had the task of checking all components of the emission control system and indicating problems with the flashing of the check engine light.

Part of the requirements was also a diagnostic connector, with which the fault memory of the OBD could be read. This enabled technicians at the authorized workshops to easily identify the fault and replace the defective components. However, the OBD 1 standard quickly became obsolete as more and more electronics were used in vehicles. Starting with the 1996 model year, the OBD 2 standard was introduced in the USA, which also makes it possible to read out other ECUs in the vehicle that are not used for emission control.

Nowadays, up to 100 different control units are used in vehicles to perform different tasks. Since they all communicate with each other via a bus, the Peugeot OBD can also be used to address all components in a vehicle. In Europe, the OBD diagnostic connector has been mandatory since 2004 and is also used by TÜV and authorized workshops to check the roadworthiness of vehicles. Since the TÜV is responsible for carrying out road safety and exhaust system inspection, the OBD 2 diagnostic connector is one of the most important tools used by inspectors.

The Peugeot OBD and the error codes

Today, up to 100 different control units are installed in modern vehicles. They all have specific tasks, such as the anti-lock braking system, engine control or even just controlling the air conditioning. They are all connected by a bus system and can exchange data. The control units are supported by sensors and actuators that can be used to react to the various states of the vehicle.

Control units constantly collect data when the vehicle is used. If data is outside the specified ranks, they can issue error messages and initiate security measures if necessary. If, for example, important components of the engine control system fail, the corresponding control unit can reduce the vehicle’s performance or, to be on the safe side, even switch off the engine completely. But not all error messages in a vehicle have such major consequences. There are also not so important defects, such as insufficient level of windshield wiper water, which cause an error message.

All error messages are stored in the ECU until it is read out with an appropriate Peugeot OBD scanner. The fault memory can therefore be an important part of a periodic check of a motor vehicle to ensure its good condition and road safety.

The OBD of Peugeot and the check engine light

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency introduced the first OBD standard in1988 , they also considered a way to notify the driver of the vehicle of any conceivable problems. They introduced the check engine light, which still performs this task in every vehicle today. If the OBD detects an error, the check engine light can be used to identify that a problem has occurred and what the consequences of this error may be.

When a Peugeot is turned on, the check engine light should come on for about 3 seconds. This allows the driver to see that the light is working properly. Error messages can then be triggered by many different components in the vehicle. One fault or even a whole series of faults can be indicated, which are triggered by various parts or components. Due to mechanical, electrical and electronic problems, a whole range of error messages can be caused in various control units.

The occurrence of errors can be indicated with the engine control light in two different ways. If the check engine light flashes constantly, a defect is indicated that does not necessarily have to be serious. However, if the check engine light is constantly on, there is a serious fault that must be corrected as soon as possible.

Even if the constant flashing of the check engine light is intended to draw attention to a fault that has no direct consequences for the engine and the environment, a fault diagnosis should be carried out immediately by the Peugeot OBD. The error can cause consequential damage, some of which can have expensive and serious consequences. The Peugeot OBD should then be read as soon as possible so that the problems can be eliminated.

When the check engine light comes on, a Peugeot OBD scanner can be very helpful. Since the faults do not necessarily have to be serious, owners with technical understanding can often fix the problems themselves and do not have to resort to an expensive repair at a specialist workshop. It can also prevent downtime if the vehicle in question is used daily for important trips.

Reading and clearing fault codes with the Peugeot OBD

Peugeot OBD

The main reason to buy a Peugeot OBD scanner is to check the error messages

and delete them if necessary. However, users must be aware that the error codes are not output as text messages, but only consist of five different digits. These codes have been combined into the DTC (Data Trouble Code), which now already consists of over 11,000 error codes. In addition to the fixed error messages, vehicle manufacturers can also develop their own error codes if required.

The error codes in the Peugeot OBD are composed as follows:

The first digit indicates the location where the fault occurred in the vehicle. For example:

– P – Powertrain – Drive train

– C – Chassis – Chassis

– B – Body – Body

– U – User Network – Communication Networks

The second digit of the DTC can be used to specify whether it is a general fault or a specific fault defined by the vehicle manufacturer. A zero is used to indicate a general DTC code and a 1 is used for a vehicle manufacturer specific error message.

The third digit in the DTC code is used for the exact position of the component in question. This is to allow easy identification of the fault. Examples of the third digit of the DTC code:

– 0, 1, 2 – air or fuel metering control

– 3 – Ignition system

– 4 – additional emission control

– 5 – Motor run control

– 6 – Onboard computer

– 7, 8, 9 – Gearbox control

– A, B, C – Hybrid drive

The last two digits of the DTC are then used to identify the exact problem. This marking has also been specified in the SAE J2012 and ISO15031-6 standards.

While the Peugeot OBD scanner can only read the error codes, how the problems are displayed to the user is up to the scanner’s software. Carly OBD Scanner accesses its own database and provides the user with an in-depth description of the fault. In this way, the user can decide for himself whether he has the necessary skills to eliminate the source of the fault himself or whether a visit to the specialist workshop is required. Carly’s Smart Mechanic can then be used to provide work instructions, as well as diagrams and drawings, which can be used to ensure that problems are repaired safely and quickly.

Clearing fault codes with the Peugeot OBD

One of the most important tasks of a Peugeot OBD scanner can be clearing error messages. Since the error code has not been deleted in most vehicles, it may contain old messages that are no longer current. So before checking a vehicle with a Peugeot OBD scanner, the old error messages should be deleted.

With the fault memory cleared, the vehicle should be used for a few days and then the fault memory should be read out again. This ensures that the error messages are up-to-date or even that there are no error messages at all.

Periodic vehicle inspection with the Peugeot OBD

Peugeot OBD scanner can be one of the most important tools to periodically check the safety and roadworthiness of a vehicle. With a handy Peugeot OBD scanner, even non-professionals can read the fault memory to make sure there are no current problems. This is especially important if you are constantly dependent on a car. Many people use the motor vehicle to get to work on time or to take their children to school each morning. An unexpected breakdown of the car can bring many problems, apart from the financial burden of repair. A periodic check of the vehicle with a Peugeot OBD scanner can prevent major repairs and is a sure way to ensure the road safety of a vehicle.

One of the most important requirements for this is a handy OBD scanner, which can read the fault memory within a few minutes. It should explain the error messages to the user in as simple a way as possible so that the right decisions can be made. The Carly Peugeot OBD Scanner offers the possibility to read the fault memory with a smartphone or mobile device. You only need to plug the USB stick into the diagnostic socket. You can then read out your vehicle’s fault memory with the ignition switched on. The error messages are then supplemented in your smartphone with important information. This is especially important if you need to decide whether you need to take the vehicle to a repair shop or if you can still continue to use it.

The Carly OBD scanner offers you a traffic light system for this purpose, with which you can easily assess the consequences of the error that has occurred. Error messages are marked with the colors green, yellow or red. While green error messages do not mean any danger for the vehicle or road safety, with yellow marked error messages you should visit a workshop in the near future or fix the error yourself. Error messages marked in red signal serious faults, and you should have the vehicle repaired immediately. In this case, you should stop using the vehicle if possible.

The different uses of a Peugeot OBD scanner

With a Peugeot OBD scanner, not only the error messages can be read and cleared. In order to use several functions, different modes can be used, which we would like to discuss in more detail here.

1. vehicle specific diagnostic data

In the first mode of a Peugeot OBD scanner can query data from the vehicle in real time. This also offers the option of querying the “Readiness Code”, which displays all the components installed in the vehicle.

2. error environment data or Freese Frame Data

When a control unit detects an error, not only the value of the defective component is stored. The control unit also stores freeze frame data (Freese Frame Data). In this dataset, a snapshot of all data from components of the vehicle is accumulated. This data set can help diagnose the problem by reviewing all relevant data at the time the error occurred.

3. permanent error messages (engine control lamp)

In this mode, it is possible to retrieve all error messages that have led to activation of the warning indicator light in the dashboard. Here, vehicle manufacturers can also display specific error messages that may be important for the operation of a vehicle.

4. Deleting error messages

In this mode, all emission-relevant error messages can be deleted. When deleting the error code, the stored still image data is also deleted. In this mode, under certain circumstances, manufacturer-specific error messages can also be deleted.

5. monitoring of the lambda probe

In this mode, the user can continuously interrogate the lambda probe and view the test results in real time.

6. non-system relevant error messages

In this mode, you can read and clear error messages that occur in components that are not continuously monitored and have no danger to the safety or function of the vehicle. These error messages also do not trigger activation of the check engine light and are primarily informative in nature.

7. error messages from continuously monitored components

There are error messages that do not cause the true indicator light to turn on. These can be retrieved in this mode, as well as errors that occurred only once for a short time. This mode can help identify potential sources of error. This includes especially errors that do not occur constantly.

8. manufacturer-specific test functions

Manufacturers have the option of integrating their own test functions in the control units. In the mode 8 these test functions can be activated. European vehicle manufacturers generally do not use this option.

9. vehicle information

Important identification information for the vehicle is stored in the control units. In this mode, information can be retrieved, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as brand and type-specific information. This feature is especially useful when buying a used car, as the information can be compared with the vehicle’s documents.

10. mode 0A

In 0A mode, error messages can be read out from the diagnostic devices that have been saved with the status “permanent DTC”. They normally cannot be deleted until the error is no longer detected by the control unit.

Important additional functions of a Peugeot OBD scanner

When buying a Peugeot OBD scanner, you should also pay attention to the additional features that can be very useful in everyday use. We would like to introduce you some functions that can be used with Carly OBD Scanner for Peugeot.

Memory functions

The Carly OBD Scanner offers the possibility to save the current status of the error messages and the settings of the manufacturer-specific options in the smartphone. This allows the vehicle to be restored to its previous state if problems occur. Also, the current error memory came to be compared with older versions.

Personalization of the vehicle

Some vehicle manufacturers offer the possibility to personalize settings of various components. If the OBD scanner supports this function, various functions in the vehicle can be adjusted to the driver’s wishes.

Mileage check

Buying a used car always involves a certain risk. Many used cars are offered with manipulated mileage, which can lead to greater repair costs later. Some Peugeot OBD scanners, like the Carly models, do not have an automatic mileage check. Since this is stored in different ECUs, the Carly Peugeot OBD scanner can compare the data and issue an error message if there are any discrepancies.

Repair Instructions – Smart Mechanic

Not all errors that are issued in the control units of a motor vehicle must also be repaired in a specialist workshop. Many can also be repaired by private individuals more cheaply and, above all, more quickly. For this purpose, the Carly Peugeot OBD scanner offers Smart Mechanic, which allows you to use repair instructions created by long-time experts. This guarantees fast and professional work.

Diagrams and drawings

Depending on which faults occur in a vehicle, drawings and diagrams can be very useful. The Carly OBD Scanner provides the ability to view diagrams and drawings that are normally only available to the experts in the professional cities. This can make professional repair much easier.

Updates and extensions

OBD scanners are offered for many different vehicle manufacturers and types. So that you don’t have to buy a new OBD scanner for every vehicle, you should put a lot of emphasis on the possibility of updates and expansion. The Carly OBD Scanner can be used for multiple vehicle types if desired. Individual subscriptions can be taken out for this purpose. Moreover, there is no need to purchase expensive software updates as is the case with many other OBD scanners.

Conclusion – is it worth investing in a Peugeot OBD scanner?

A Peugeot OBD scanner offers the possibility to use the vehicle electronics to be able to check the current status of a vehicle. This can be especially important if you rely on your vehicle every day and it should always be in optimal condition for that.

The investment is especially worthwhile if you can perform repairs on your vehicle yourself. Since electronics make it less easy to locate faults and replace the appropriate components, a Peugeot OBD scanner is very useful if the repair is to be done quickly and cheaply. Even when buying a used car, a Peugeot OBD scanner is worthwhile to quickly check the condition of the vehicle and to check the car in question for mileage manipulation.

Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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