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What should be paid special attention to when buying a Citroën OBD?


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Motor vehicles are being equipped with more and more electronics. Some vehicles now have up to 100 control units that control many safety functions and engine management. Therefore, there is only one way for vehicle owners to always be aware of the current condition of their vehicle. Only with a Citroën OBD the fault memory of the control units can be read out and also deleted if necessary. In this article, we will go into more detail about what you should pay special attention to when buying a Citroën OBD.

Read fault memory with a Citroën OBD

At the latest when the engine control light in the vehicle lights up, it becomes problematic. There is a problem and no way to find out what it is. Only with a Citroën OBD scanner can the fault memory be read and the actual problem identified. All faults in the control units are stored in the fault memory and can only be read out by the Citroën OPD adapter.

What does OBD-2 mean anyway?

OBD is the abbreviation of On Board Diagnostics. It is a diagnostic system designed primarily for checking the components in the vehicle that are responsible for emission control. The current standard is the OBD-2, which is the second version of the diagnostic system.

The OBD-1 was developed in California in 1988 and has been improved ever since. As a result, it can now not only be used to monitor emissions, but can also connect to all other control units in a vehicle via the data bus. With an OBD-2 scanner, modern vehicles offer the possibility of accessing all vehicle-relevant data and can therefore provide accurate information about the condition of the vehicle.

A Citroën OBD scanner can display all the information about the incoming and outgoing data from the ECUs and thus retrieve accurate information about all the systems in the vehicle. These can be used for diagnosis and troubleshooting. Nowadays, without a Citroën OBD scanner, it is almost impossible to troubleshoot a vehicle quickly and safely.

What is the Citroën OBD adapter?

All Citroën registered in Germany must have an OBD-2 interface. This applies to vehicles with gasoline engine from 2001 and vehicles with this engine from 2004. Citroën introduced the standard much earlier, so that some vehicles from the 1996 model year were delivered with an OBD-2 interface.

Before the OBD standard was introduced, many manufacturers used their own systems. Since the European Union has adopted the standard, OBD-2 is also mandatory for all vehicles registered in Germany. The OPD diagnostic connector is usually located in the lower half of the dashboard between the steering wheel and the vehicle door. In most cases, it is protected by a cover so that dirt cannot accumulate in the plug. If you can’t identify it directly, it’s helpful to specify the particular vehicle type and year of manufacture when searching the Internet.

A scanner can be connected to the Citroën OBD adapter, which can then read information from the bus system of the control units. To use it, the vehicle’s ignition must be turned on without starting the engine. When the Citroën OBD scanner is used for the first time, it usually reads all the vehicle data first. Only then the diagnostic function of the OBD is read out so that the error messages can be displayed. The error messages may not always be clear, so it is important to use a Citroën OBD scanner that can correctly interpret all error messages.

Some Citroën OBD scanners can not only read error messages, but also change the settings in the ECUs. Depending on the model, this allows functions to be changed, such as the cornering light. To avoid errors, you should make sure that your OBD scanner can store the current state of the ECUs and thus restore the vehicle to its original state. Incorrect coding can paralyze ECUs and only restoring the ECUs to their original state can then avoid expensive workshop costs.

What all is monitored by the Citroën OBD?

The OBD-2 standard is used in all motor vehicles today. It can be used to monitor all control units in a vehicle. The TÜV uses it to check the exhaust system and now every car repair shop uses Citroën OBD scanner for diagnosis and troubleshooting. A Citroën OBD scanner is required so that private individuals can also take a look at a vehicle’s electronics.

In modern vehicles, the OBD has the following tasks:

  • Constant monitoring of all exhaust-related components in the vehicle
  • Constant verification of the emission values
  • Recording of all increases in emission levels
  • Protection of emission-relevant components, such as the catalytic converter
  • Record all faults in a motor vehicle
  • Interface for reading out error messages and the current operating data
  • Display of problems and errors via the engine control lamp

On-board diagnostics is one of the most important components in motor vehicles today. It ensures that all electronic components work optimally and thus increases the service life of the vehicle. To be able to guarantee this, all important data are continuously recorded and deviations are recorded. This includes not only safety-relevant data, such as from brakes or the engine control system. Electronic and electrical functions, such as the door openers and window regulators, are also monitored.

Carly OBD Citroën
Carly OBD Citroën

What types of Citroën OBD scanner are offered?

Many different types of Citroën OBD scanners are now offered in specialized stores. They differ sometimes seriously in their functions, equipment, and ultimately also in price. Before you invest money in a Citroën OBD scanner, you should know exactly about the different diagnostic devices.

Citroen OBD-2 Scanner with Reader

Currently, very inexpensive OBD two scanners are offered in specialized trade, which in principle only output the error code. Not all of these cheap Citroën OBD scanners can also interpret the errors and output an accurate description of the error.

As a rule, these cheap Citroën OBD scanners have a connector for the diagnostic socket, which is connected to a display by a cable. These diagnostic devices are powered via the OBD-2 interface, so no external power supply is required. However, the cheap Citroën OBD-2 scanners are not always guaranteed to read and translate the fault codes correctly. Expensive brand-name devices can read out the diagnostic equipment in much greater depth and accordingly interpret manufacturer-specific error messages.

Citroën OBD-2 scanner with mobile application

Modern Citroën OBD-2 scanners use Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device, which can then use an app to read and utilize the data. Here, too, there are inexpensive models that can not interpret all error codes. Branded devices, such as the Citroën OBD-2 scanner from Carly, guarantee that error-free reading of error messages and can offer many other advantages through the mobile application. Vehicle owners can then read out further system information that can be very important for the condition of the vehicle. Carly Citroën OBD Scanner also makes a safety backup before any modification of the data of the ECUs, with which the vehicle can be restored to its original state at any time. This is particularly important if manufacturer-specific codes are changed that can be used to personalize the vehicle.

What to look for when buying a Citroën OBD scanner!

Citroën OBD scanner can be an important tool to ensure the condition and road safety of a Citroën. Especially if the vehicle is needed every day and a failure can result in major problems.

For this reason, you should read up on Citroën OBD scannerin detail before buying and pay special attention to the following points:

Range of functions

In general, a Citroën OBD scanner must be able to read all generic error messages. In addition to the code, an error description should also be output, with which the error and its consequences can be better and more quickly assessed. Most of the time it is also possible to search the description of the error messages on the Internet. For some error codes, however, this can be time-consuming and sometimes lead to incorrect descriptions.

Additional functions can also be important. For example, the Carly Citroën Scanner can check a vehicle for tampered mileage or offers repair instructions to quickly and professionally fix the faults.


Nobody likes to invest money in a Citroën OBD and find out after a short time that the device no longer works. So, care should be taken that the scanner comes from a reputable manufacturer that can also help in case of problems. However, quality is also important when it comes to additional functions and updates. Only reputable manufacturers also offer a good after-sales service that customers can trust.

Error interpretation

A Citroën OBD scanner can only read fault codes that have been specified in the DTC. These are five-digit codes, which are also specified in the standard only with a very brief description. In most cases, they are not enough to quickly fix the error. If the Citroën OBD scanner does not offer further descriptions and explanations, it is usually necessary to do some more research on the Internet to fix the damage quickly. Good Citroën OBD scanners offer explanation of each error code, and the Carly OBD scanner even instructions to be able to fix the damage professionally. This saves time and unnecessary workshop costs.


Updates of motor vehicles and technical changes make it necessary that the Citroën OBD scanner is also updated at regular intervals. Inexpensive compact devices often cannot be updated and are therefore no longer able to perform the desired functions. Well-known manufacturers such as Carly constantly improve their software and also incorporate all technical changes made by motor vehicle manufacturers so that the software is always up to date. This means that new functions can be offered regularly when the software is updated via the smartphone.


A Citroën OBD scanner should be able to be used for as long as possible to ensure the vehicle’s roadworthiness. In case of any problems with the device or the software, it is important that the user can quickly contact the manufacturer to solve his problems. This is not possible with many cheap devices, because the manufacturer is located in a distant foreign country and also does not offer help on the Internet, and if it does, then usually not in German. An exchange or replacement of the device is then also excluded in most cases. Therefore, when purchasing, a reputable German manufacturer should be preferred so that a contact person is always available.


Even if it seems ridiculous, Citroën OBD scanners collect data. They may be stored on servers and may be subject to data protection. If the devices come from German manufacturers, they must comply with the German Data Protection Ordinance and your data is therefore always protected.

How to effectively use a Citroën OBD-2 scanner

A Citroën OBD scanner can basically be used in two cases. This is corrective and preventive vehicle maintenance.

Preventive vehicle maintenance

We rely on our cars every day these days. Whether it’s driving to work every day on a regular basis, taking the kids to school every morning, or even doing the shopping for the family, the motor vehicle is irreplaceable for many different reasons. A Citroën OBD scanner can be used to periodically check the vehicle. If the fault memory is read out once a month, problems can be detected long before the check engine light comes on. In part, this can avoid expensive repairs triggered by component failure. Many components already generate error messages long before the part fails completely. This can prevent vehicle breakdowns and the associated high downtime costs.

Corrective vehicle maintenance

If the check engine light comes on for the first time, then the Citroën OBD scanner should be used to read the fault memory immediately. This is the only way to quickly determine whether the problem is safety-related or whether the fault can be rectified quickly and by the vehicle owner himself. Sometimes it also helps to clear the fault memory and see if the fault reoccurs. If this is the case, however, the reason for the error message should also be considered in any case and preventive measures should be taken. In most cases, it is then worth replacing the component in question to prevent later problems and consequential damage.

Smart Citroën OBD solutions

There are now many different Citroën OBD scanner offered. But if you consider that with the right device you can ensure the safety of your vehicle and the device can avoid high workshop costs, it is worth investing more. There are now intelligent solutions that can be adapted to private use.

That a Citroën scanner with Bluetooth connection is more practical than a wired device is beyond question. If the adapter can then be connected to a smartphone or tablet, even more options are available. The software updates itself practically automatically and the user has the possibility to use the latest features.

Carly OBD Scanner is based on a subscription system, which allows the user to use only the functions that are really needed. This also allows new vehicle types to be tested on demand when a new or second vehicle is purchased.

However, the most beneficial features of the Carly OBD Scanner are the Smart Mechanic and the ability to use diagrams and drawings, which are usually only available to professionals in the workshops. This means that even complicated repairs can be carried out by the customer, which would otherwise have resulted in high workshop costs. This means that the investment in the Carly OBD scanner will pay for itself in a short time.

How does a Citroën OBD work?

Regardless of which OBD you choose, the process for reading the error messages is very similar. We want to show you here how easy it is to read and clear error messages when the check engine light comes on.

1. motor control lamp lights up

The check engine light belongs to the instrument cluster. The driver is only made aware that a problem has arisen. If it lights up, it may indicate serious engine problems, or it may just indicate that the catalytic converter is not working optimally. The driver should not ignore this notice, because the error may also negatively affect road safety or even lead to fatal engine damage.

Modern vehicles have an emergency program in which the engine power is throttled back so that the vehicle can still be taken to the nearest workshop. This allows the vehicle to be parked safely and the driver to take care of fixing the problem. In any case, when the check engine light comes on, a Citroën OBD scanner should be connected to identify the source of the fault. There is no other way to assess the problem.

2. plug OBD adapter into OBD diagnostic socket

Once the vehicle is safely parked, the OBD adapter can be plugged into the diagnostic socket. The ignition should not be switched on until the plug is correctly inserted into the diagnostic connector. After the ignition is turned on, the Citroën OBD scanner can be turned on, or the app can be launched.

3. read out and delete error messages

Once the Citroën OBD scanner is turned on, it will attempt to connect to the vehicle’s OBD. This should only take a short time. After this error has been successfully completed, the error memory can be read out.

With high quality Citroën OBD scanner like from Carly, the underlying error is displayed with a description. If the error is not permanent or has no safety-relevant consequences, the error memory can be deleted and the vehicle restarted. If the error then occurs again directly, the problem must be corrected immediately.

After the defective component has been replaced, the fault memory should be cleared and the vehicle restarted. If the error no longer occurs, the error memory can still be read out again to exclude subsequent errors.

The Citroën OBD and the TÜV

Another important factor that speaks for the purchase of a Citroën OBD is the main inspection at the TÜV. The inspectors also use OBD scanners to ensure the proper functioning of a vehicle’s emission control system. It offers them the possibility to read out the values of the exhaust gas cleaning directly and thus to complete the inspection quickly and safely.

If you have a Citroën OBD, you can scan the vehicle before the main inspection to avoid the vehicle failing the test. This can avoid a follow-up examination, which is usually time-consuming and involves some costs.

Conclusion – Citroën OBD

If you own a Citroën and depend on the vehicle, a Citroën OBD scanner is the best and only way to be able to check the roadworthiness and condition of the vehicle yourself. Even if errors occur, Citroën OBD Scanner is the most important tool to quickly identify the problems and perform the repair quickly and effectively.

You should just make sure to buy a device from a reputable manufacturer. This ensures that the scanner can be updated as needed and that customer service can be contacted if problems arise. Due to its wide range of functions and the possibility to use different subscription models, we recommend Carly OBD Scanner.

Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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