Carly OBD2 Scanner

The most advanced OBD Scanner in the market

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More than an OBD-scanner

Carly OBD Scanner is an electronic device that allows a computer to access vehicle’s data.

“Other OBD2 scanners are not able to support the advanced features that Carly offers, such as in-depth diagnostics, coding, parameter reading and more.”

With the Carly OBD Scanner you can enjoy all of these advantages and benefits, by simply using your phone.

Why Carly is better than other tools

  • One scanner and app, iOS and Android enabled
  • In-depth diagnostics with mechanic-level insight for almost all car brands in the world
  • Lifetime warranty with premium customer support

Most common questions

Price: 59.90 €
Availability: in stock

The device that every car owner needs.

Ready to have complete control over your car’s functioning and health monitoring? Your OBD2 scanner is waiting for you!