Using the DVD-player while driving? Permanently turning off the automatic start-stop-function? Using corona-rings as daytime running light? / Update your BMW model to behave like a current one / Carly enables an even more individual connection to your own car / First worldwide legal possibility for consumers.

Munich, 25th February 2016. Imagine how practical it would be being able to use the DVD-player or the TV-function of your car’s own BMW-multimedia system while driving: passengers enjoy the entertainment program en route and the driver guides the car to its destination in a laid-back way – so far, playing DVDs and TV has only been possible with the vehicle not moving.

With the app solutions by Carly – Connected Car this can be changed. With the app-function “coding” several vehicle features are configurable on a BMW – without needing to have a deeper understanding for cars. Super easy, intuitive with one click and being the only completely legal app-solution in the world!

Background: in all the BMW-models there are plenty of additional vehicle features, but these are hidden from the driver. The Carly-software is able to unlock these hidden features whenever desired. Easy and comfortable.

Not only the usage of the DVD-player and TV can be activated while driving, but also many other features are adaptable to your individual needs and personal taste by coding your car.

Therefore, only certain targeted features which are not relevant for security are adapted. The control devices remain in their functionality. Alterations on the engine, the brake, the steering or the airbags are completely excluded. With automatic backups (soon importable as well as exportable and also soon storable in the Digital Garage) it is always possible to reset to an earlier state or to factory settings. In the Carly-community this is the so-called Cleanup-Feature.

Hundreds of possibilities to individualize your BMW or Mini

The possibilities of coding – tested by approximately 250,000 users in everyday life with millions of practices – are clearly arranged in pre-selected categories and are extensively explained. Therefore, it is possible to, for instance, activate the digital speedometer additionally to the analogous gauge. In the category “Engine Start Stop” it is possible to permanently program the feature Start-/Stop-Memory. Moreover, in the category “Daytime Running Light” the lighting design can be changed to look like a more recent BMW-model. The famous “Angel Eyes”, “Corona Rings” or the “Welcome Lights” can be activated. Retrofits are also possible, such like changing the fixture in order to integrate other lights (e.g. LED).

Depending on the model, Carly offers hundreds of coding possibilities. Moreover, these are being extended continuously and free of charge, often incorporating costumers’ wishes – provided that it is technically possible and facilitated by the hardware composition of the particular car. Within a short time, new BMW-models (F-models) will follow additionally. The Carly-app is the only app-solution worldwide that is able to code almost all existing BMW-models. When using the full version, unlimited coding with different models is possible. Vehicles of the subsidiary group Mini can also be coded with Carly.

With the app-solution by Carly for BMW you are independent of workshop-appointments and it also saves time. In workshops you normally pay between 25 and 150 euros for only one coding work and in many cases illegal or highly complex software is used. On the contrary, coding with the Carly-app was made for the consumer and is completely legal. It pays off already after one use.

With its intuitive and easily understandable technique the company from Munich has not only legalized coding – in the past no comparable possibilities of individual adjustment on one’s own vehicle have existed – but has actually created a new market for hobby-coders. By now, also many professionals use this app.

Coding with Carly is introducing a new era for vehicle drivers. The driver gets to build a closer relationship to his car and has the possibility to integrate digital standards of a new vehicle. The Carly-app is easy in handling, intuitive and understandably constructed. Literally everyone can use it – without any risk and completely legally.