The Carly system consists of adapter and app. Get the adapter first, then you can check with the lite version which codings are possible with your model, provided that the necessary components are present in your car. 

The full version includes an unlimited license to encode all Toyota & Lexus models. This includes future updates with additional encodings for all models. We are constantly working on new coding options.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is possible to code with my Toyota or Lexus?

Find out what's possible

Carly for Toyota is the safest and only legal coding solution for your Toyota and Lexus.

You get a lifetime warranty, a "7 day a week" support and the biggest selection of electronic functions and advantages on your car.

Can I break my car through coding with Carly?

Carly for Toyota makes a backup every time you code, which you can quickly reload to your car if you want. Also, Carly is the only coding solution for Toyota and Lexus worldwide that has a proactive ECU check installed. We check before encoding whether your controller has a "clean" firmware. In rare cases, there are controllers with firmware that could potentially cause problems after a coding process. In these cases, we report in the app that the control unit must not be coded directly. Only with a unique code from us you can do it at your own risk. We do not recommend this. More information about this particular topic can be found here. So you are always on the safe side.

What happens if I need help?

The Carly Support is at your disposal 7 days a week. We have a group of experts that can help you with any problem. There is no technical barrier that we not dare to overcome. We guarantee that we are able to handle all a solveable cases - we offer you a world class customer service! This has always been important to us.

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