Check your car or a used car before purchasing with Carly

Every third used car is manipulated.

Every third used car is manipulated

According to the German Automobile Club (ADAC), one-third of all used cars in Germany are manipulated. The tests of Carly's customers (BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Audi) have shown that their vehicles have been manipulated depending on the model up to 27%. The European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for tougher rules to crack down on odometer tampering of used vehicles on 31 May. This fraud is costing consumers and business billions every year. 

Therefore we strongly recommend: To check used cars!


Carly is the specialist for connected car solutions


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The best system for your car

With Carly, everyone can master the functions of their own vehicle. Even the functions that only the repair shop had access to! The smart app, together with the original Carly adapter, allows you to read and write car data. 

For example, a used car check can be performed to unmask manipulated vehicles or a comprehensive, in-depth diagnosis of the vehicle electronics in manufacturer quality, can be created or even unlock hidden functions. 

Carly is suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.


See Carly in action

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Carly can do so much more for you:

Used Car Check

In-Depth Diagnosis


Service Reset

Even reset service intervals and save money.

Customize your car and unlock hidden features, e.g., digital speedometer, start-stop automatic switch off, US daytime running lights.

All control units are analyzed, and the error codes are read out. The analysis corresponds to the manufacturer 's quality.

All control units are read out and compared to check whether someone tampered with the speedometer.

Live Parameter

NOx Desulfurisation

Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

Transmission Reset

Reset the automatic transmission, e.g., to relearn the car when buying a used car.

Regenerate Diesel Particle Filter at the push of a button.

Regenerate NOx catalyst at the push of a button and check.

Live monitor all motor parameters analyze like a professional, for example, temperatures and pressures.

Many more features


Real engine sounds through manual control of the exhaust flap even while driving.

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