Full Diagnostics

Diagnostics is reading the fault code memory of your vehicle. This helps you to detect errors before you damage your vehicle. You can also find out the reason for an engine light. The control units (ECUs) of a car always monitor the most important sensor data and report notable deviations by writing an entry in the fault code memory. There are two levels of diagnostics: OBD diagnostics and diagnostics on manufacturer level.

How it works:

Manufacturer level diagnostics in the full version reads the fault code memory of your vehicle's ECUs (e.g. engine, transmission, ABS, airbag and multimedia) and provides a deep insight into your vehicle's condition. You can also find additional information about the error (e.g. Freeze Frames), a classification of the urgence or entries from the Info memory. All error codes can be deleted after the diagnosis. The diagnostics result is available directly inside the app or as a convenient PDF report. In addition, your data safely stored in the Digital Garage, to make sure you always have access to previous results.