Do simple car maintenance with your phone and our scanner guiding you through it

Become more independent of the workshop — maintain your car with the help of our scanner and your phone.

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Car maintenance made easy!

Good car maintenance takes time, effort, and money

Carly guides you step-by-step through simple car maintenance fixes such as service resets and battery registration.

„That manufacturers lock features that obviously are already there is just ridiculous.“

Marco, BMW - Carly User

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Easy & simple

Service reset

Save time and money by changing your oil or brakes yourself.


Battery of your choice

Battery registration

With the Carly app, you can register the battery of your choice in the car.


Simple switch

Electronic parking brake

With Carly you can easily switch between Service mode and Operation mode. Carry out repair work on your brake system by yourself.

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Understand DIY car maintenance

There are built-in maintenance features in your car that you might not have access to operate. Carly guides you step-by-step through simple maintenance fixes such as a service reset and battery registration.

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The possibilities depend on your individual car.

What Carly can do for you varies from car to car. Find out how it works for yours.

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