Don‘t get tricked when buying a used car

Analyze the car for manipulation and insights on its state of health.

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Car manipulation is on the rise

Analyze the vehicle before buying

Used car

No salesman will be able to trick you. Check for the car mileage manipulation, detect serious mechanical problems and more. Are you the one selling your car? Transparently show that you are not trying to deceive anyone.

“NHTSA estimates that more than 450,000 vehicles are sold each year with false odometer readings. This crime costs American car buyers more than $1 billion annually.“

NHTSA - 2020
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Detect manipulation or a bad deal simply with your smartphone

Odometer fraud detection

Check for the car mileage manipulation

Fraudsters that manipulate the odometer and reduce the mileage can sell the car for almost $5,000 more than the actual value. Carly's “Used Car Check" feature enables you to compare numbers from different devices with an electronic memory.

Car health analysis

Detect serious mechanical problems

Sometimes, there are faults in the car that the warning light hasn’t shown you - yet. As a car owner, you should be informed. Use the "Health" feature to get insights.

Sales credibility

As seller, show transparency

You are selling your car and want to have a good pricing negotiation position? Use the Carly solution to show that no odometer tampering was performed and no serious faults are present.

Insights depend on the car. Find out if Carly can check your car for manipulation.

How it works

Understand how Used Car Check works

Used Car

Carly sources KM/Mileage/Lifetime data and VIN from different ECUs (control units) of your car. These values have discrepancies in case of manipulation and tampering.

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What other drivers say

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“I intended to buy a car 3 times and gave it up thanks to Carly's used car control. Because these vehicles had mileage manipulation.“
Michael, BMW 3 series
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Most Common Questions

Does this feature work for my car?
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Used car check works with the following brands: BMW, Mini, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Renault and Porsche. If it works for your car, it depends on its model and build year.
What do I need to do to get started?
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You just need the Universal Carly Adapter and a mobile phone to download our app Carly all-in-one. It runs both in Android and iOS and works for almost all car brands in the world. Plug the adapter in the OBD port, connect to the app, and start running your first diagnosis.
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