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To support all features for Your Toyota, we even design and build our own adapters.

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Check out the different versions

With the Lite Version you can test compatibility for free. Also, one full featured diagnostic report is included.

You can test every single function and see it will work in the paid version or not. This way you can be sure about what you are buying. We are looking to be as transparent as we can with this.

We highly recommend using our adapters for this as they have been specially adapted for the software.

If you are unhappy with the Lite Version, just send the adapter back :).

This Version can be downloaded directly from the Google Play/Apple App Store.

In this Pro Version you will get:

  • Diagnostics

Continuous updates and improvements are included.
Additionally, our Pro Version users enjoy access to our world class customer support.

Check out the function details above.

This Version can be downloaded directly from inside the Lite Version as a license.

★★★ Free Toyota Fault-Report ★★★

Free Download - Try It Out!