Do I really need a SEAT OBD scanner?


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New technologies are introduced almost daily. This enables users to take advantage of new functions that were previously only accessible to experts. This includes the SEAT OBD scanner, which until a few years ago could only be used by trained specialists at authorized dealers.

A SEAT OBD scanner can be very useful, especially if you own a used SEAT. Here we will look at whether it makes sense to buy a SEAT OBD scanner and how it can be used efficiently.

What exactly is a SEAT OBD scanner?

The OBD-2 or the OnBoard Diagnostics 2 is a protocol that helps to read the condition of your vehicle with a scanner. However, this is only one of the many useful functions enabled by this technology.

The standardized OBD two system is installed in cars and light trucks and is mainly used for self-diagnosis of the vehicle. It can be used to read the information from the various control units that are responsible for different functions in the vehicle. These include safety-relevant functions, such as the ABS or the anti-slip system, or the control of the air conditioning or heating.

One of the most important tasks of the control units is engine control. A control unit is responsible for controlling the ignition and regulating the fuel mixture of the vehicle. The OBD is responsible for evaluating anomalies in the vehicle electronics and, if necessary, informing the driver via the check engine light.

With a SEAT OBD scanner it is possible to read and interpret this data. Among other things, information about the air temperature, the temperature of the coolant, the position of the camshaft, as well as the road speed and the engine speed can be retrieved. Currently, two different variants of the SEAT OBD scanner are offered:

SEAT OBD code reader

SEAT OBD code readers are offered very favorably in specialized trade. You can only read and delete the codes from the error memory. These devices are very inexpensive, but are also very limited in their range of functions. They are designed to access only specific data and in most cases cannot read all the information needed to identify the fault. SEAT OBD code readers can be used in most cases only when the fault memory is to be cleared to check whether the error message repeats.

SEAT OBD Scanner

SEAT OBD scanners can also read out and clear the fault memory from a motor vehicle, but they also offer many other functions. For example, you can access current data of the vehicle condition, as well as read out recorded data. When an error message is generated, a save of all data is also made. This takes place at the time the error occurs. This makes troubleshooting easier and the reason for the error message can be found much faster.

Basically, a SEAT OBD scanner has many other functions, such as checking for mileage manipulation. We will go into more detail later in this article about the features that may also be crucial for you to buy a SEAT OBD scanner from a reputable manufacturer.

The function of the engine control light

One of the most important parts of the on-board diagnostics is the check engine light. Even today, most drivers think that the check engine light only indicates four functions of the engine. In fact, in most vehicles, it is the only way the OBD system can notify the driver of problems.

Since the late 1990s, the check engine light has been installed in most vehicles. Basically, it indicates when the OnBoard Diagnostics has detected an error. As a standardized and international sign, a stylized engine block is used, which lights up in yellow or orange color. When you turn on your vehicle, the engine light should come on for about 20 seconds. This is a check function to ensure that the check engine light is working properly.

It only becomes critical when the check engine light comes on while driving. The OBD system thus indicates that an error has occurred. However, the driver cannot see exactly what the error is. Only on the basis of a constantly illuminated or flashing MKL can it be recognized how serious the registered error is.

Engine control lamp

If the check engine light is permanently on, it is primarily a sign that the OBD has detected an error. There can be many different reasons for this. As a first measure, you can bring your vehicle to a stop and turn off the ignition. If the check engine light continues to illuminate when the vehicle is restarted, the fault memory must be read out so that the problem can be identified and rectified. Since there can be very many different sources of error, it is necessary to use a SEAT OBD scanner for this.

Engine control lamp flashes

When the check engine light flashes, this is a sign coming from the OBD that alerts the driver to a serious fault. In this case, the vehicle should be taken directly to a specialist workshop, or the fault memory should be read out with a SEAT OBD scanner. If the check engine light flashes continuously, important safety functions of the vehicle or the engine control system may be affected, which may even lead to a total engine failure.

It is important to remember that the TÜV also uses OBD diagnostics for vehicle acceptance. If the engine control lamp lights up or flashes during the test, this is a reason for the inspector to cancel the main inspection and refuse a TÜV sticker.

What a SEAT OBD scanner can be used for

Basically, a SEAT OBD scanner can be used for preventive and corrective measures.

Checking the condition and roadworthiness of a vehicle

Many people are dependent on their vehicles these days. Therefore, it is important to periodically check the condition of his car. One option is to take the vehicle to a specialist workshop at regular intervals and have the OBD fault memory read out. This can be very expensive in some circumstances, so it is worth buying a SEAT OBD scanner. Some of these devices can be used by laymen nowadays. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to which device you get.

Carly’s SEAT OBD Scanner read out the fault memory of all ECUs and offers the user a traffic light system. On the smartphone or tablet, the errors are displayed in red, yellow or green color. In this way, the user can easily see whether the problem needs to be corrected immediately at a specialist workshop, or whether the error can also be corrected himself and thus more cheaply. Even with minor problems, this can save a lot of money and the purchase of the Carly SEAT OBD scanner can pay for itself in a short time.


When the check engine light comes on, or an error is detected by the OBD, it is impossible for the driver to know which component in the vehicle triggered the error without using a SEAT OBD scanner. He must therefore rely on diagnostics from the specialist workshop, which must also first read out the fault memory with a SEAT OBD scanner in order to be able to create them.

In many cases, this is a matter of trust, as it is very easy for the repair shop to simply quote more expensive repairs. If the driver is in possession of his own SEAT OBD scanner, he can read out the fault memory before visiting the workshop and thus get an idea of the costs or even rectify the fault himself.

If you have mechanical skills, Carly OBD Scanner even presents you with workflows for fixing the problems, made by long-time specialists. This ensures professional repair without incurring high costs. To make the repair even easier, the Carly OBD Scanner even offers drawings and diagrams that are normally only available to mechanics in a specialist workshop.

Nowadays, an OBD scanner is a prerequisite for repairing your SEAT. In this day and age, it is almost impossible to quickly and accurately identify faults without bringing a suitable OBD scanner to bear. If you want to repair your vehicle yourself, it belongs in your toolbox just like the appropriate wrench set and screwdrivers.

How does a SEAT OBD-2 scanner work?

Modern SEAT OBD scanners are very easy to use. Although there are many different models that offer a variety of functions, the basic workflow is the same for all devices.

1. preparation

Before the fault memory of a vehicle can be read out, the ignition of the vehicle should be switched off. After that, the OBD-2 diagnostic connector must be located. In most cases, it is located in the lower half of the dashboard, usually between the steering wheel and the driver’s door. To protect it from dirt and moisture, it is usually protected by a plastic cover. The OBD-2 diagnostic connector is standardized so that any SEAT OBD scanner with a SAEJ1962 connection can be used.

2. establish connection

Once the OBD scanner adapter is firmly connected to the OBD-2 diagnostic connector, the scanner can be turned on. It then establishes a connection with the control units. This may take a few minutes, especially when using the device for the first time. There are devices that automatically read all the required information from the memory of the control units, while others require the user to enter the most important data of the vehicle.

3. read out error memory

Once the connection is established and the vehicle’s data has been read, the scanner can read the fault memory. It depends on the type of scanner how the errors are displayed. Cheap devices only display a five-digit code, while the Carly SEAT OBD scanner displays a description of the fault code and also offers an evaluation with a traffic light system. You can view all error messages at your leisure and then plan further action.

4. clear error memory

There are two situations when it is advisable to clear your SEAT’s fault memory. Firstly, when the repair of the component in question has been completed, or to make sure that a fault is permanent. In the second case, the error memory can be cleared . The vehicle should be used depending on the error to read out the error memory again afterwards. However, this should not be done in case of serious problems that endanger the safety of the occupants and other vehicle components. If the error message occurs repeatedly during a second readout of the error memory, a permanent error can be assumed.

Further important applications for a SEAT OBD scanner

Modern SEAT OBD scannersoffer some additional features that can be very useful. We would like to introduce you to some of them here:

Checking the mileage

Buying a used car these days can be very risky. Especially since many motor vehicles are sold with manipulated mileage. It’s very easy to reduce a vehicle’s mileage these days, so many sellers use this option to sell a motor vehicle for more. As a buyer, you can’t tell if the mileage is true.

The Carly OBD scanner has the ability to check the mileage of a vehicle. Since the mileage is stored in different ECUs that cannot be changed by normal tampering devices, the Carly OBD Scanner can compare them. If different results occur when reading the mileage from different control units, it can be assumed that the mileage has been manipulated. In this case, the purchase of the vehicle should be discouraged.

Personalization of the vehicle

Some vehicle manufacturers use the OBD to be able to change settings on the vehicle. These can vary greatly depending on the type of vehicle and manufacturer, but offer owners the ability to customize their vehicle to their needs. In the Golf 7 , for example, the following changes can be made:

  • indicator
    US Stand Activate Light
  • Coming Home / Leaving Home
    Change light functions when switching off the motor or opening the door
  • Parking aid
    Various options, such as suppress the warning sound
  • Deactivate seat belt reminder
    Disable warning tone
  • Change the setting of the air conditioner
  • Adjust turn signal cycle
  • Passenger mirror lowering
  • Reversing lights
    Adjust luminosity
  • Bringing up the rear
    Activate as brake light
  • Seat heating
    Save level
  • Start/stop function
    Switch off via activate/deactivate switch
  • Headlight cleaning
    Interval adjustment
  • Daytime running lights
    Configure switch position
  • Configure warning tone for open doors

Save the current OBD status

A very important function of a Seat OBD scanner can be the backup of the current state of the OBD configuration. This is especially important when changes are made to the vehicle options. Under certain circumstances, the OBD may become unresponsive, so that a reset to the original settings is necessary again. This can only be done if the SEAT OBD scanner has a memory function. The Carly SEAT OBD scanner automatically makes a backup copy every time a change is made.

Display of the image in case of error message

Each time an error message is stored, the OBD also makes an image of all the data. All information registered at the time of the error is stored in it. This can be very important in finding a problem on a motor vehicle effectively and quickly.

If an ECU reports an error, the error does not necessarily have to have been released by a component that triggered the error. Other components may also be responsible for this, sending data outside the defined ranks. Then it is very convenient if the SEAT OBD scanner can also display the image of the data that was stored at the time of the error. Of course, it is even more practical if the SEAT OBD scanner automatically evaluates the data of the image for troubleshooting.

Automatic updates

Updates are always an issue with SEAT OBD scanner. It’s not just about updating the software to use the latest features and tools for your own SEAT. Updates are also important when a vehicle is to be checked by another manufacturer. Carly works with a subscription model that can be changed at any time. This means that other vehicles can also be tested at any time if desired. This provides optimal flexibility when vehicles are to be inspected and repaired by others.

Repair instructions

One of the great advantages of the Carly SEAT OBD scanneris the ability to retrieve repair instructions using Smart Mechanic. Even if you have mechanical knowledge, an optimal workflow can be ensured with them. The repair instructions were made by specialists of many years and guarantee a professional repair. In addition, diagrams and drawings can still be used, which are normally only available to the specialists at the authorized dealers. This means that nothing stands in the way of carrying out a high-quality repair and saving the costs of a repair in a specialist workshop.

Conclusion – SEAT OBD

Nowadays, it is no longer possible to repair a vehicle without reading the OBD fault memory. Even if this succeeds, the fault memory must be cleared after the repair so that the OBD no longer reports an error. But even if you just want to check your SEAT periodically for safety reasons and do more than just top up the wiper fluid or check the tire pressure, a SEAT OBD scanner is required.

You should choose a high-quality device that gives you the best flexibility and always provides customer service. We recommend you the SEAT OBD scanner, which offers you the best value for money and which you can use with any mobile device.

Keep in mind, that every car has different software and modules built-in. Therefore specific features will vary with every model.

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