Get Car Repair Quotes Online – How Much Will The Repair Cost?

If your car needs to go into the workshop for repairs, this can sometimes be very expensive. But, don’t despair, there are ways to save your hard-earned money! For example, you can have the defective part repaired instead of replacing it with a new product. Or you can compare the listed costs with car repair […]

How Much Does Car Maintenance Cost? — All Costs at a Glance!

Oh boy! Is the “Check Engine” light back on? Didn’t you just have that checked out? Your car is getting to that age, isn’t it? The engine hums a little more, the suspension wobbles a little more – you hate to admit it, but every time you take your aging beater to the shop the […]

How Often Should I Get My Car’s Air Conditioning Checked?

The air conditioning system in our car helps us all through the summer and offers a good alternative to open windows. But have you noticed that sometimes the air conditioning doesn’t work like it should and it suddenly takes ages until the car is reasonably cool? This is exactly why you may need an air […]

How Long Can a Car Run without Service? Information and Risks!

As everybody knows, you have to have your car serviced at regular intervals. Either after 1–2 years or after 15,000–40,000 kilometers driven, whichever comes first. The question arises as to whether this is really necessary since service is often associated with high costs. The answer to the question of how long can a car run […]

Can I Repair My Car Myself?

Whether it’s because of niggling issues or after an accident, when the costly visit to the car repair shop becomes unavoidable, we often ask ourselves the question: Do I have to go to the repair shop or can I repair my car myself? In principle, you are allowed to do any repairs on the car […]

What to Check When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a great way to acquire a fine automobile for a fraction of the brand-new price. After all, with the current high prices and waiting lists, who wouldn’t want to secure a bargain and skip the queues? However, what to check when buying a used car is a commonly asked […]

How to Check a Car VIN Number

Checking and verifying the integrity of the VIN number on a car is an important task to perform if you’re purchasing a used car. This unique identifier is attached to a single car for its lifetime. Do you know how to check a car VIN number? If not, we are on hand to help you, […]

Carly Coding for BMW & Mini

Check the Oil Level in Your Car in 8 Easy To Follow Steps

Oil is the driving force of your car engine. The best way to avoid disastrous engine failure and the massive repair costs that comes with it is to make sure the engine never lacks oil. This comes to fore if you are driving an older vehicle.  If the odometer of your car is beyond 100,000 […]

What Is A Car Diagnostic?

You may have heard of the term Car Diagnostic, Diagnostic Scan, or OBD Scan. What is that? In this article, we will explain what a car diagnostic is, why it’s important, the ways in which it can be done, and our top solution for you to do it from the comfort of your home, and […]